“…as always, never mind a few missing-voices,” TRINITY’S CHOIR TO HIT THE CANTATA HIGH NOTES


The season for festivity is here once again and the Trinity Cathedral’s family long- awaited, annual Christmas cantata is on course to lift the spirits of residents from every part of Monrovia and beyond, with the exceptional talent that Trinity Senior Choir has been noted for.

Cantata (from the Italian verb cantare, “to sing”) is a musical composition for voices and instruments, usually of a religious theme, containing arias (a melody sung solo or duet in an opera or cantata), responses (repetitive or response-filled singing) and recitals (solos).

This final performance is expected to bring Trinity’s audience to its feet for several reasons. It climaxes a full year of emotional and heart-rending religious and secular anthems (psalms, hymns and songs of praise) performed by a pensive (meditative, thoughtful) choir, distressed by the recent passing of a key sponsor and two choristers.

The celebrated Trinity Cathedral senior choir has been working itself into a frenzy (passion) with its regular practice and vocal calisthenics (voice workouts, exercises) for this year’s songfest; and the word has gone out that the choir’s 2016 final public serenade (singing to entertain) will be something special.

Why special? Because this year’s serenata (same as Cantata) is dedicated to the choir’s late sponsor, Juanita E. Neal, with a benediction for two choristers, the late Theresa Gooding, Thomas and the late William Wilfred Smith, also of recent memory.

Featured along with Trinity’s senior choir will be a number of exciting performers who are expected to bring a new dimension to the occasion. They include the extraordinary bassist, Tarley Kperpeh, the engaging Vivian S. Akoto Blamah, silver-voiced John P. W. Sheriff, and to bring the audience to its feet, the indomitable Eugene Shannon.

The event is planned for Sunday, December 18, beginning at 4:00 p.m. The venue is Trinity Cathedral at Snapper-Hill on Broad Street in Monrovia, and the top Trinity Choir will be bringing the curtains down. A ‘very special’ surprise awaits the guests, and it is all for free.


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