“Artus Frank Was Not Kicked Out”


An aide to Liberian actor Artus Frank has denied reports that the actor was kicked out of Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson’s hotel in that county.

The aide said Senator Johnson never ejected Frank from his guesthouse as reported, but opted to refuse Frank’s payment for his stay at the hotel because of the actor’s relationship with Representative Edwin Snowe, who plans to run for a representative seat in Bomi.

But the inference is that Sen. Johnson’s refusal of Frank’s payment amounts to being asked to leave.

“But this was done politely. They had a mutual understand before Frank could leave his hotel. For us, it seems that the two lawmakers are not having a good relationship right now,” the aide explains.

The aide further said the incident occurred when the actor was in Bomi County hosting his annual Christmas party for kids, which ended well.

“Let me make this clear, Frank and Senator Johnson are still good friends and they will remain forever. People should stop reporting that the two cannot see eye to eye right now,” he said.

Meanwhile, when Frank was contacted, he neither denied nor confirmed the news but urged both lawmakers to settle their differences.

“It hurts to see two lawmakers having a bad relationship, and if they continue it will not be good for Bomi County. I’m called for peace and will do my best to settle their differences,” Frank said.


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