Warrior Arts

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J. Latty Zarwu (WARRIOR) feels that every Black man and woman is a warrior. But the benefits of being a warrior can only be realized when you search within yourself, discover your gifts and talents and then, using your Creativity, come up with something new that benefits our people and distinguishes you from others. Searching within himself he was able to discover his gifts and talents as a Traditional Cultural Artist.

“Art is all about message. We, the artists, have healing messages inside of us. We can heal the wounds from the war and make our people feel better.” At only 26 years, Latty has identified his artistic role and expanded it to include work as a “healing warrior”; a Creative concept indeed.

In the spirit of Creativity, he sees his arts training beginning in his childhood with his grandfather teaching him the traditional arts of trapping and fishing. And he continues to hold on to his connection with our heritage by researching and reproducing the traditional art forms: “We can’t let that dream die down.”

His Creativity has led him to work in the art forms of hand crafting dolls and instruments, recycled art (using found objects and reused materials), painting and even poetry and music.

He was inspired to begin painting after he had a dream instructing him how to begin. He says, dreams often spark his Creativity. Latty is presently Art Director at More Than Me Academy. What better way to spread his message of healing through the arts?


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