The Art of Survival #2: Avoiding Ebola


Most people who have access to this article have no fear about their individual Survival. It isn’t something you usually think about, but how about our Survival as a group, as a nation? During the war time we constantly thought about and feared for our individual and group Survival. Can we be confident now, that our nation, as we know it, will Survive?

Conditions of war still exist. Ebola is still here. In fact, ebola can be added to the list of biological diseases/enemies we are fighting along with HIV/AIDS, malaria, yellow fever and lassa fever to name just a few. They are here to stay for a long time.

It’s useless for us to speak of “getting rid of ebola”. Just as sophisticated weapons suddenly appear in the most remote regions of the world, all these diseases continue to linger and resurface – “inexplicably”. So we must prepare to protect ourselves and avoid getting infected with them.

The precautionary measures have been repeated again and again. You either follow them or you don’t. If you don’t, there may be something else at play for you. Ever heard of psychological warfare?

The most horrifying consequence of warfare is usually the deaths of so many people. When mass murder is achieved by merely talking or communicating with the intended victims, it is fearsome indeed. It is psychological warfare. It was 1978 in Guyana, when Christian minister, Jim Jones, achieved this gruesome feat. He preached to his congregation convincing them to commit suicide – and over 900 of them did.

Is psychological warfare what is going on here in Liberia when we all see the devastation ebola brings and yet so many people refuse to drink enough safe drinking water, they continue to shake everybody’s hand, and don’t wash their own hands often enough?

We have the means of avoiding most of these biological diseases and the means of keeping our bodies healthy enough to Survive them if we do become infected. But if our minds are psychologically controlled, just like Jim Jones’ congregation, we will NOT Survive. Survival is an art. Let’s practice the art of Survival.

Liberia Holds the Key


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