Cultural Arts: Reaching Beyond Reconciliation

Unity Symbol.jpg

Definitions for the term "reconciliation" are broad and varied in today's Liberia. Momolu Kaindii, writing in The Perspective, says reconciliation is "…bringing into mutual harmony differences amongst conflicting interests or parties to enable them [to] become friendly…." While President Sirleaf says true reconciliation is "…making the government and economy work for the people…." Yet everyone agree that reconciliation is one of the steps we must take toward healing and building a sane and just society. After achieveing Peace comes Reconciliation: releasing the anger and talking calmly to one another. Our leaders are striving to take us there and we can do that.

Now! Beyond reconciliation lies Unity. Many praises to our cultural artists who are already in the forefront of the Unity Movement. Our songs tell us, “We are one people”; our dances and dramas depict, “Our people, one people”; our visual artists display symbols of unity (see above); and our writers show us where we’ve come from and point us in the direction of achieving Unity. Among our Liberian writers are our poets, our cultural poets. Yes, our poets! We have some great poets alive today. We give many thanks to our print news media for publishing works of our contemporary poets. Poetry can open a hidden door in our souls. Through poetry, we can reach into the deepest recesses of our spirits gathering strength to forgive others and heal ourselves.

We celebrate our Bong County native son, Lekpele Nyamalon, for his lines that ignite pride and love in our hearts for our homeland and our people.


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