Book Review: Tips For Those Who Want to Go Deeper with God

Bishop Dr. Nathaniel N. Zarway

Book Title: The Best is Yet to Come (if walking with God becomes your priority)
Author: Bishop Nathaniel N. Zarway, Sr., DMin
Number of pages: 91

For many Christians who have tried on their own to serve and walk according to God’s will and failed, it is because they lean on their human effort and refuse to make God their ultimate priority, says to a new book by Bishop Nathaniel Zarway of the Greater Refuge Cathedral.

“The Best is Yet to Come, if walking with God becomes your priority”, by Bishop Zarway was written to point believers in the right path to trusting God’s lead and staying in the company that will provide the strength and courage they need to make it safely to their destination.

“You can never walk on a right path when your life is being influenced by wrong associates,” he says in the book. “The glaring truth is that, you will eventually end up becoming like the people you walk with.”

The author’s choice of words is clear and simple. Most of his chapters are based on Bishop Zarway’s real-life experiences from during the Liberian civil crisis and his present teachings in his ordained ministry. Whoever reads this book will have a clear picture of where God wants to be with you, not because of your works or actions, but by His grace and will.

Many times, Christians establish the wrong friendships and company. “We should try to avoid friends who are mere distractions and be very mindful when it comes to establishing permanent friendships, this will only lead to waste of time, divert your focus and absorb your progress. 

More importantly, Zarway stresses that we all need a prayer partner; someone whose availability will fulfill Jesus’ promise that, “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”  

In his first chapter, titled “Breaking the Predictable Cycle”, the writer describes the “constant occurrence of physical or spiritual happenings people encounter throughout their lives.”

For those who believe that the repeated occurrence of family curses and limitations cannot be broken because they have been passed on from one generation to another, Bishop Zarway argues that, “The faith we put in Him (Jesus Christ) while walking with Him and standing on his word are genuine reasons to break every spiritual barrier.”

Chapter two, “Discerning His Lead”, is the supporting chapter of the predictable cycle which points believers to the path that will guarantee safety and prevent one from straying out of the will of God, his lead.

According to Zarway, being in God’s will doesn’t necessarily mean you will be exempted from the storms and dark clouds of life as many believers have assumed. “Our greatest consolation comes from the assurance we have in the Bible that His ever-abiding presence is with us in the midst of our storms,” he says. 

“The Path of the Just”, chapter three, provides distinctions between believers and the world. “We are not called to blend in with the world, we are called instead to stand out in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation,” Zarway argues. As Christians, we are to set ourselves apart for God, “abandoning our personal human pursuits, desire and aspirations and not patterning our lives after unbelievers because we walk in light and not darkness.”

He further goes on to say that Christians have unnecessarily delayed their own progress by living beneath their God-given privileges and benefits; while they fail to realize that they are made by God and, being supernaturally empowered, they can overcome.

The author does not provide his readers advice on how to deal with distracting characters or forces that could lead them away from God’s lead, therefore readers are left to their own devices to figure this out. Perhaps a chapter or two delving into strategies for winning over such distracting characters to the Father, instead of totally avoiding them, would have been helpful to the reader. But that is really an idea for a separate book. The book under review is about God’s lead on the live of the believer who wants to go deeper, away from the world and all its distractions.  It is not for our distracting friends unless, of course, they too are ready to surrender to the God’s lead.

Speaking of which, there is a fourth chapter called “The Surrendered Life”, in which Zarway urges every Christian to come to the “Place of surrender,” which is in Christ Jesus, killing the flesh and making Him our priority. All other things done outside of this will lead you to a stagnant position in Him.

In seven chapters and just under a hundred pages, the book, The Best Is Yet To Come, gives readers a deep insight of Bishop Zarway’s Spirit-filled ministry. Anyone who has not been to or sat under his teachings can have a taste of what messages are being taught to his congregation.

This book is an easy read, both by the number of pages and the down-to-earth style of writing. Fairly speaking, the book goes beyond catering to any specific age group and instead caters to anyone who wants to go deeper in their walk with God.

Bishop Nathaniel N. Zarway, the Senior Pastor of the Greater Refuge Cathedral, Monrovia is also the author of “101 Wisdom Nuggets”. He is both nationally and internationally acclaimed as an anointed servant of God, a prolific conference speaker and an old-fashioned Holy Ghost revivalist, whose ministry has transformed and blessed multiple thousands both at home and abroad.

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