Artists To Look Out For In 2018

Shine P, the artist behind the hit song, "Mind Your Baynay."

2017 has come and gone. But the year brought to light many exciting, fresh talented new artists into the mainstream whose unique lyrics, powerful vocals and crisp sounds, have positioned them for greater success this year and hopefully far beyond.

Nine emerging artists who worked hard last year stood out from among their peers and have made it onto the list based on growth on social media platform, potential for growth, audience and industry buzz, cultural relevance, and originality.

These artists’ music are transcendental and are the next generation of A–list artists who will feed your soul with chart-topper songs that will keep you dancing and enjoying it.

Without any delay, here is your list of the artists to watch out for in 2018.

Shine P, the artist behind the hit song, “Mind Your Baynay.”

1Shine P

Shine P kicked off 2017. He emerged on the music scene with three hot bangers: ‘Drinking drinks,’ ‘Mind your Baynay’ and ‘That’s how we looking,” all of which rocked the city like wildfire.

The US based Liberian rapper gained widespread success with these singles due to his poetic flow and poignant lyrics that blend Hipco and Trapco to produce songs that are captivating and easy to fit into anyone’s playlist.

Shine P actually raps like he’s just talking, but does it so uniquely his delivery style complements his lyrical prowess, something that will position him for greater opportunities this year.

Holy Ghost Fire crooner Flex.


Flex had a buzzing year with singles like ‘Holy Ghost fire’ and ‘Chay chay polay,’ which featured Akon and Davido respectively.

Although ‘Chay Chay Polay’ did not live up to expectations, his debut single – ‘Holy Ghost fire,’ became fan favorite in and out of Liberia and cultivated a large fan base of staunch loyal followers.

The collaborations were indeed a dream come true for the artist as he became the first Liberian artist to do an official collaboration with both Akon and Davido, two of Africa’s finest and biggest acts. Flex’s unique vocals and his connections give him a big opportunity this year in the Africa music industry.



Killerbeatz is a talented and gifted singer and rapper with a powerful voice that is touching and sweet; his songs definitely hold listeners down.

This young lad has two hit songs to his name, ’50/50′ remix and ‘Board shaking.’ These two singles have rocked the airwaves and every street corner putting the producer turned singer in the biggest opportunity bracket this year. His singles come with catching hooks and lyrics blended with strong commercial appeal, making them pleasing to the ears of music loves.

‘Zico’ hitmaker, AG Da Profit

4AG Da Profit

Even though he has been in the industry for some time now, AG Da Profit scores success with the single ‘Zico’ – a song easy to sing along and dance to. It became a national anthem rocking every club, neighborhood and party.

This talented Afro-pop singer’s voice power cuts across board and offers a punctuated delivery that has won him attention from music lovers and industry players. With 11 months and 20 days to go in 2018, there lies a big and brighter opportunity for AG Da Profit as fans cannot wait for much more.



Cjay has already accomplished a lot as an artist who, in his first year in the game, have two singles ‘Boss chick’ and ‘My vow,’ which are refreshing and touching, opening many doors for the young talented singer.

The Bilikon Entertainment record label star’s unique lyrical and vocal ability resonates with all music lover; whether you are his fans or not, which is evident to the continued demands for his songs on air, in the clubs and on street corners.

And as we just enter the New Year, Cjay stands a better chance to blow fully into the mainstream with his catchy hooks that everybody can sing along to.



SOG Records rising artist Jaredo’s musical career took off with the sudden release of the song ‘Wait for you,’ when it shot straight to the top of the charts becoming radio and club favorites.

This song, along with the release of another successful single, ‘Nobody,’ subsequently pushed the 16-year old into the limelight and placed his name on the lips of many fans.

Above all, Jaredo’s – who is in the 12th grade, voice is darn melodious, which allows his songs to fit into anyone’s play list. His extraordinary talent has bagged him collaborations with prominent artists; and the success of his two singles positions him for better opportunities in 2018.


7Pillz the Zogos’ Queen

Pillz challenges the status quo as the only female rapper to achieve mainstream prominence this year in the Liberian music industry that remains largely male dominated. She got her success in the industry with the single ‘Zogo,’ – cover of Desiigner’s break-out single ‘Panda,’ and ‘Marpu Say.’

Part of 23 year-old Pillz’s appeal and success comes from her lyrics, almost poetic in nature, that are raw and honest, and her sure killer ear for melody. From singing to rapping, the young songwriter’s vocal and lyrical prowess is unique and on point, positioning her for far bigger opportunities this year.

Teacher Koloqua

8Teacher Koloqua

Teacher Koloqua (2 Much) entered the music industry with the song ‘Money’ and the political song, ‘UP,’ which has won the hearts of Liberians because of his prodigious rap style and fastidious delivery. The artist’s future in the industry is bright as he strives for more greatness.



It is hard to understand why STUNNA has been under the radar since coming to the spotlight a year ago. But things appear to be changing for the artist with songs like ‘Daddy,’ ‘Cool feelings’ and ‘Wanna dance,’ which are doing well on the charts and pushing him for greater success this year.

The young lad, who is 19, is a laid back slow tempo singer with well-polished lyrics that speak directly to the soul. STUNNA will finally arrive this 2018!


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