Artists and Laureates Receive LMA Awards


Several laureates who were unable to attend the first and second editions of the Liberian Music Awards in the United States of America due to technical and logistical reasons have received their awards here in Liberia.

Although a colorful event, the follow-up music award presentation, held at the Paynesville City Hall, failed to attract a large crowd. Apart from the presentation of awards, the show was packed with energetic performances, with Sayon Mayson, who won Gospel Artist for the second edition of LMA 2015, stealing the show.

“I’m so overwhelmed by this award, and want to give God the praise for this day. It is because of God that I was able to win,” Sayon Mayson said.

The Gospel Artist of the Year was not the only show-stopper on the December 6 award night, as Eric Geso also gave a hot performance for the already excited audience.
The crowd also went wild as Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee walked on stage to receive the Humanitarian Award, with some audience members whipping out their phones to capture the moment she accepted her award.

“I feel very excited by this honor, for it gives me the pleasure to think that Liberian artists are looking beyond the surface of the art industry and making objective decisions about the integrity of the art,” she said in her acceptance remarks.

The Cultural Ambassador also extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the organizers of the event for the honor bestowed on her.

“We know that honor comes with responsibility, and so we want to say that by this honor, we will exert ourselves as one of the torchbearers advocating for support to improve the music industry in particular, the art industry in general,” added Amb. Endee.

Meanwhile, the biggest award recipient of the night, K-Zee, who won three awards, extended thanks and appreciation to all his fans, promoters and DJs who helped him to reach his current level.

“Let me also be grateful to the group Soul Fresh, especially JB who helped with his quality flow on my single “Da Who Say” that won Gbema Song of the Year,” he said.

For Eric Geso, the Afro Pop Artist and Male Artist of the Year, the award ceremony is an indication of “how unbelievable the fans are.”

“I just want to thank everyone for their support and dedicate this award to my mom, Infectious Michael, and Rawlo, my engineer,” he added while accepting his award.

The group, Big Hands, who won the 2015 Group of the Year, could not hold back their excitement when they were called on stage to receive their award. They acknowledged that winning was not an easy task, especially being paired with top industry headliners, including Soul Fresh.

However, out of the 30 awards that were supposed to be given out, only five recipients did not turn out for their awards, including Takun J, Nasseman and Marvelous MC, who came late and did not receive his award.

“The event was alright, and I would like to appreciate all of the musicians that turned out for the awards night, and to our sponsors. We can do better if we are together, and giving support to the industry,” said LMA Country Representative, Joseph Junior Teah, at the end of the event.

List of those artists that received LMA awards

Traditional Artist Of The Year Marvalous MC 2014

Artist Of The Year – Africa Scientific 2014

Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year Scientific 2014

DJ Of The Year DJ Chicago 2014

Afro Dance Song Of The Year Royal DeBusta Pain 2014

Gbema Artist Of The Year K-Zee 2014

HipCo Song Of The Year “I Beg U Ya”-DJ Don Ft JB (Soul Fresh) 2015

New Artist Of The Year PCK & L’Frankie 2015

Gospel Artist Of The Year Say T. Mayson 2015

Group Of The Year Big Hands 2015

Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year Scientific 2015

Reggae Artist Of The Year Ragga Hilton 2015

Afro Dance Song Of The Year Royal DeBusta Pain 2015

Artist Of The Year – Africa LinBlinMilitary D MilitaryMan 2015

Traditional Artist Of The year Master Black 2015

DJ Of The Year DJ Weezy 2015

AfroPop Artist Artist Of The Year Eric Geso 2015

Male Artist Of The Year Eric Geso 2015

Performer(s) Artist Of The Year SoulFresh 2015

Song Of The Year “They Vex” – DenG 2015

Video Of The Year Peaches Ft. Quincy B. 2015

Gbema Artist Of The Year K-Zee 2015

Album Of The Year K-Zee “King Zulu” 2015

Gbama Song Of The Year K-Zee “Da Who Say” 2015

Juli Endee Humanitarian Award 2015


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