April 25 Rendezvous with Kate


Deep down my heart I was living large, following the meeting with Kate at the local restaurant in downtown Monrovia. But the problem was I could not or rather we could not make any conclusive decision about the future of the relationship. Evidently, the main reason I had invited Kate to lunch with me was to inform her about how much I admired her and would like to start an enduring relationship with her.

But since she had come to the meeting with a friend, I shifted to Plan B, and therefore five minutes after our meeting and we were away from each other, I fished out my Chinese made cellular phone and dialed her number.
“It’s me Joe,” I said, when I heard her cool voice at the other end of her expensive phone. “I appreciate our meeting today, but you realized that we could not hold any discussion as anticipated.”

“Yes,” Kate responded in her distance voice.
I saw the opening with that answer and therefore I decided to risk it.

“I suggest that we meet tomorrow,” that was me, “so that we can, at least end our discussion or the reason for our meeting earlier today.” Evidently, she was aware of my intent and therefore making things easy for both of us, she replied.
“Ok,” she said, and I could feel the running echo of a light breeze sweeping about me. My eyes lighted with excitement and I could not wait for the next day. But in the end, the day came, and I looked up for the second meeting with Kate. In fact I had specifically informed her that since three was a crowd, I hoped that we could reduce the number to two, since that was the magic number for lovers or for any couple that would want to share intimate times together.
And she agreed with me.

On the appointed time, Kate arrived. She was in her brown blouse and a marching slack that held her body firmly. Her hair was folded back as usual indicating she had placed considerable amount of time to get herself ready. Her eyes were still the blazing type, the kind that seemed to look into me, urging me to speak my mind. As we walked towards our rendezvous, we came across another secluded area that I concluded was fit for lovers and therefore, I hurriedly suggested that since we were about to hold our second discussions, it would be necessary we changed the venue and she agreed with me.

Of interest was the fact that the new area also sold what I came to know was fresh donuts and meat pie and initially Kate had refused to taste one, instead requesting for a plate of rice, she eventually acceded when I told her that what I had tasted was nice. There were both fish and meat pie and so while I took fish pie, Kate decided to go with the meat pie, and later admitted to me that it was nice.

Again, like ritual the previous day, we began to munch our food, and this time it was both of us. But then I realized there was an intruder. When entered, there was a woman who I thought had completed her lunch and would be leaving, but I was wrong. From the corner of my eye, I watched as she took a deep glance at my partner and though it was not like being jealous or anything, I did not feel comfortable for what was happening. But I knew that it was a public place and therefore, I pretended I did not care.

Our order came with two bottles of soft drinks and after some minutes, having done justice to my fish pie, I cleared my throat and began an epistle, though brief, the angels in heaven might have commended me. You see, I have been around the world for a while and could tell quality from the ordinary. Though I have no revulsion for the supernatural and am not inclined to believe that one’s fortune or misfortune originates from the unknown, I knew that since quality is not by accident, I must do and act according to the dictates of my heart. Hence, I subscribe to the famous saying that when the heart decides, there is no turning back, I have always encouraged myself to follow the dictates of my heart. Having examined the situation so far, I came to a point where I had to advanced a proposition to Kate about how much I cared about her and how exceedingly important I was dying to have her as my better half.

“I’m sure deep down your heart you should be aware of all what I have done so far with you,” I said, staring directly into her eyes, “being a woman, I’m sure you may have concluded that my exceptional interest in you is simply because, I’m in love with you, if you know what I mean.” Kate diverted her eyes from mine and while placing a bottle of sprite on the table before her, she nodded.

It indicated I was doing fine and the plan was working, so with her encouragement, I moved on.
“I must confess my admiration for you,” I said, with remarkable appreciation that I could feel it in her eyes, “and my plan which should eventually become yours if that I am in love with you, and that is the reason I have gone through all this trouble to get you here.

“While I have felt compelled to go through the last couple of days with you, I want you to know that I really care about you, and giving me the opportunity, I will be prepared to be there and share this mysterious life that we call a gift from God with you.” I ended with a smile as she swept her head away and readjusted herself on the chair. Of course I was expecting a response since it was a situation that she had to give either her consent or otherwise. In any case, I knew I was making much progress and therefore, I did not anticipate any untoward response. My cautious approach to the issue of love was because many women and of course some men have gone through poor experiences with their loved ones and many people, majority of them women have suffered so much that they had resigned themselves to the mercy of God. Consequently, the popular gospel music, Lord Give Me A New Day, has been their consoling message, pleading with God to give them a new day, minus the old painful experiences.

Kate then interrupted my thought with the comment, “I am clearly aware of your intent when the whole exchanges started and therefore, I am not surprised of what you have said.”
I nodded with the remark, “I thought the same too.”

And she smiled.
“I appreciate your interest in me and being human I think it is normal for you to expect and for me also to provide a positive response to your request.

“I am too ignorant of your attention, and while I think it will be in good taste for me to say something to cool your heart as well as my own, you should rather know, and I believe in the saying that ‘action speaks louder than words’ and being two matured persons, my willingness to respond to your invitations is enough to conclude that I am also interested in the relationship that you are or want to build with me.”

With those words, Kate relapsed into silence and I could feel that we were both on the same course. I could not read her mind, but I was impressed with her statement that her positive responses to my invitations should let me to know that she was also interested in a relationship. On second thought I knew her reaction was pregnant with a surprise and it was confirmed when she pulled her black handbag and removed the flap and I saw her fishing into it. I did not know what she had in the bag, and therefore, as she busied herself searching for whatever it was, I grabbed the bottle of soft drink on the table and began to sip it.

The exercise took about two minutes and when she finally found what she was searching, she handed me a white envelope and I gleefully accepted it from her.
“You can either read it now or later,” she instructed, and fell back in her chair. I was initially not sure what to do but since she said I could read it or another time, I chose to open and have a look at the content. Pulling the letter out of the envelope, I relaxed my body and adjusted my chair and the first thing I saw on top of the letter was, “I want a new day, Lord.” Still surprised at her letter, I did not realize the young man who had sneaked into the restaurant and was staring at her.

All I heard from her was, “I told you I have told God to give me a new day.” The young man turned to look at me, and unable to make a respond to Kate’s statement, he turned away from me and began to weep.

And what I heard from his weeping voice was, “If the Lord can give you a new day, then I can also go get a new day.” With a slight glance, he stormed out of the restaurant, and turning to my direction, Kate said, “I think I am now free to be with you.”
I held her hand and squeezed it with a smile. “I think you are,” I said, “what a new day for everyone.”


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