Anti-Piracy Law Introduced Friday


Six month ago the Copyright Officer announced the introduction of the Anti Piracy Stamp, which did not materialize, but all plan has now been worked out for its introduction tomorrow.

In a statement issued to LIB Life, the Acting Officer in Charge of the Copyright Office, Clifford B. Robinson, said the hologram stamp, as it also called, will protect and distinguish the authentic works of the artist from pirated ones when introduced.

“The stamp has a security feature that will not only authenticate the artist’s originality, it is also going to control the market with original products. With the introduction of this stamp, it is going to put creators in a better position to benefit from their works, as well as helping the copyright office to monitor the market trend.

“This stamp is meant to protect the works of both local and international artists; and if a local creator wants to license his/her works to the market, he/she will come to the copyright office and agree on the number of copies for distribution before a stamp can be placed on each,” Mr. Robertson added.

However, the copyright boss appeals to all creative people to grab the opportunity now, as this is in their interest.

“They need to come up and register all their works before putting them our there. We need their cooperation to succeed. Without cooperation, the war will be difficult to win,” Mr Robinson said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robertson said a three-month grace period would be given to marketers to come and copyright works they have in production, but they should know that the rules is not going to be bent.

“There are rules: if it is local, you need to come with the creator of that work; and as for international, we will write the creator to see if they give you the go ahead to market their artistic work,” Mr. Robertson said.


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