Another Manager Split Likely


Another manger-artist split seems likely, this time around from the movie industry as undercover reports emerge that tension is now rife between comedian John and Paul and their manager Dream Debo over a bad deal.

The report said the rift came after the comedians gave their manager US$5,000, which included their transportation, food and lodging fees for a movie trip to Nigeria that he promised them.

The report added that after their manager Dream Debo received the money, he informed them that the trip would be on June 17, but since then the trip has not materialized.

“Few days or weeks later after the comedians came to the conclusion that the trip was not going to work, they asked their manager to refund the cash, but it has not happened,” a source close to the issue told LIB Life.

Continuing with the report, it said from the moment John and Paul asked their manger to return their money, he began avoiding them, not even answering their calls. That was the beginning of rift leading the duo to consider ditching him as their manager.

“From where it stands now, I think the comedians and their manager of over two years cannot just work together easy because there is no trust. Thing has broken down, love has died,” our source explained.

When LIB Life contacted the comedians, they confirmed the undercover report, but said they cannot make any comments for now, until next week.

As For Dream Debo, LIB Life contacted him but the interview did not metalize as promised. We are hoping to get his side soon.


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