Another Liberian Artist Renders a Humanitarian Effort


Liberian Music Award four-time nominee Robert Bombo – Black Diamond as he’s commonly known – has done the impossible for a family of three whose house just recently burned down to the ground.

The family, who claimed that their house was burned down due to high voltage from the Liberian Electricity Corporation (LEC), has asked to stay anonymous due to the fact the case is now in court. The Logan Town family revealed that they have sued the company and are looking forward to journalists helping in the process of finding others who might have suffered from the same fault in LEC’s services.

“We were all in bed around 10:00 p.m. when I heard a heavy spark sound; and before I realized what had happened, our kitchen was on fire. I managed to get my two children out of the house immediately as others living in the house with us ran to grab whatever they could,” stated a woman known as ‘Our Mother’.

In a video shot by onlookers, there is a man spotted throwing himself out of the burning house after the flames had already completely consumed it.

“I don’t know how that miracle happened, but he should have left in there because the house was already burning good good,” stated his son.

A witness who is the friend of the home owner’s daughter said that his daughter had had run away two days prior to the fire, but always snuck home late in the wee hours to sleep. After the father found out that she might have still been in the house, he jumped back in to rescue her. She was nowhere to be found. It is believed that she escaped from the fire when everyone else did.

“Thank God no one died, but everything inside was burned completely. The house was just completed and the families had just moved in. Such a sad thing to see a grown man cry over his burning house,” neighbors lamented.

Meanwhile, Black Diamond, who was just nominated as Artist of the Year, Afro Dance song of the Year, Artist of the Year USA and Video of the Year for the Liberian Music Awards, gave a family living in the house enough to rent a place for a year until they can get on their feet.

“Just keep your head up, be patient and focused. It will be okay,” he messaged the family upon sending them the money.

This is not the first time Black Diamond has made such a gallant gesture as such.

Two Christmases ago, Black Diamond sponsored a feeding program that fed over a dozen mentally disabled people living on the street — something he says he has been doing long before the fire incident. He also sponsors a couple of children to enable them to go to school. He’s been classified by the Liberian community as being a ‘real helping hand’.

Black Diamond thanks his fans for always showing support to his career and urges everyone to continue their support by voting for him. His feels that his fans arr his strength in all that he is able to do for Liberia.

“Many thanks to the Liberian Music Awards for [nominating me] in four different categories. It’s a blessing to be mentioned amongst some of the finest artists/entertainers from Mama Liberia. It is a journey and we are still moving along. Thanks to all of my fans and everyone who has stood by me throughout the years. May God’s best win, and good luck to all the nominees in all categories,” he added.


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