Angel Rena Wins LABFest


The Little Angel Beauty Festival (LABFest), a Christian children’s reality show has come to an end with Angel Rena Jahny walking away with the crown after defeating three others contestants.

During the final all contestants delivered inspiring speeches on child abuse, corruption, education and morality to convince the judges to give them the crown.

In her winning speech on morality, 11-year old Angel Jahny said when values are less and less regarded, it is often argued that the society requires more laws, more regulations, stronger sanctions, more law enforcement resources and powers, and more severe punishments for those who violate the laws.

She added: “I think that for a society to be good, much of the social conduct must be regulated by reliance on the moral voice rather than on the law, and the scope of the law itself must be limited largely to that which is supported by the moral voice.

“This is the case because the moral voice can be made more compatible with a high level of respect for self, with self-government and, hence, with a good society. Here again, the good society is defined as one that balances two values, social order and autonomy, rather than maximizing one. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not against the law and I am not saying it is not good to have laws.”

“I am not just happy tonight but hopeful in the future of Liberia. The talents I see these children displaying have invigorated the zest in me to give more to my generation and the ones after me.”

The competition, which started July 3, saw one contestant being evicted every week drawn from various churches and schools.

The other winners include Angel Bendu Massaqoui, first runner-up; Angel Augustina Korha, second runner-up, followed by Angel Joy Dorbor.

“I am very excited today. I want to thank my parents for their support, my guardian angels, friends and fans and everyone who supported me. I hope not to disappoint your confidence in me. I will do my best as s LABFest ambassador as well and work with my peers. Indeed, true beauty is Godly,” Angel Massaqoui said.

LABFest executive director Richlue O. Burphy said the competition infuses into the mind of each of the contestants a curiosity, hope, and resilience so they can be active creators of the future, and that is what LABFest is about.

Richlue praised the performances of all the angels. He expressed how much he was proud of them and that they are indeed gifted.


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