An Open Letter to Liberian Entertainment Industry: Stop trying to manipulate and control the media


By Berenice Mulubah, CEO of ‘C Liberia Clearly.’

Dear Liberian Entertainers,

For the past five years, Liberian entertainment media has been in a constant battle with entertainers who have tried to silence the media.

The media is an incredibly powerful way to send information and messages to specific groups of people, a particular society, or just about everyone on the planet. Liberian entertainment bloggers have done just that within the last few years.

For most of our entertainers, they assumed that the role of Liberian entertainment bloggers should be rendering public relations services to all entertainers (a very big misconception).  With that misconception in mind, they have tried to control what is put out into the public about them, by bullying the bloggers. This needs to stop immediately. They have abused, they have threatened and disconnected themselves, but these tactics haven’t worked and they are not going to work.

With over 95% of Liberian entertainment bloggers being females and 95% of Liberian entertainers being males, using sexual intimidation to control the media has been the number one technique of our entertainers. They have threatened to expose our sexual activities, threatened to go live and lie about our sexual activities, insulted us sexually online and used their current female partners and friends to come after female media personalities.

This is very disgusting and needs to stop immediately.  It is a sign of total weakness.

Democracy depends on a free and independent press, which is why all tyrants try to squelch it. Are the male entertainers of our industry tyrants? We have a court system. If you believe a blogger is slandering your character with false information, use the legal process. You can threaten the media directly; you can bypass the media and run to the next new and upcoming blogger you believe you can manipulate; you can sexually assassinate female media characters; you can try to turn the public against the media…one thing I know for sure, you will never silence ‘C Liberia Clearly,’ or bend the pen of our writers.

2018 is a new year.

It is a year of growth and higher standards. Please learn the business and understand the roles of the media and how they affect your career. There is no room left to play. We must work harder to improve our industry.

Stay blessed and let us all grow together in unity and peace!


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