An Artist with a Heart


Liberian artist and entertainer G-Rize is set and ready to connect closer with his fans this year. After the release of his recent track “Tumba” that connected him even closer with his fans in Liberia and around the world in 2015, he now wants to add significance by highlighting his humanitarian side.

For the past five years, G-Rize has been reaching out to institutions and individuals in need volunteering his time and assistance to their causes. He has even produced a documentary of his entire day in the hustle of making music and giving.

This time around, G-Rize is working on a documentary he calls “a replica of an un-edited film.” The documentary is particularly designed to take his fans on a realistic journey of what it takes, behind the scenes, to be a good star and “survivor of the fittest.”

“I’d like to bring my fans on this journey with me. I don’t want to be like other artists that just show you the glory but not the struggles,” he shared via Facebook.

“I like to inspire my fans and those that follow my movement. I want people to know that anything is possible if they are willing to put in work for it and stay focused. I perform so many places and meet a lot of amazing people. I’d like to bring my fans into my world and let them see what I do and how I do it.”

G-Rize feels his new documentary will inspire a kid sitting somewhere in the world “thinking his life is nothing.”

“I was once a refugee and I came from a very poor family, but I didn’t let that stop me from going after my dreams. I prayed, worked hard and stay focused,” he shared.

G-Rize looks forward to reaching out to Liberia this year with more collaboration in music and humanitarian gestures.

“Every year I look for a non-profit organization in the community and donate to them. I’ve been doing it here in the US, now I’m extending it to Liberia this year,” he adds.


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