AMEU Students Thrill Audience


From jazz to African ballet, students from African United Methodist Episcopal Union held the audience spellbound with a repertoire that included traditional and African songs as well as Western classic and Christian music.

The event, the 2nd Annual Christmas Extravaganza, also saw beautiful performances from the university’s choir, to which the crowd took to their feet dancing.

However, it was the African ballet performance that stole the show.

The story of the ballet is set in a poor African village who heard of the coming of a beautiful Queen Mother they hope would cure everything that ailed the people.

It is believed that her coming would also result in huge harvests, elders getting their due respect, children back in school and the laughter and feasting of bygone eras. The Queen will judge everyone fairly…life will be wonderful.

Sadly, the Queen Mother’s arrival was a disappointing moment because she was not the beauty the people were expecting.

She was old and sick, and was no bringer of good tidings. The people of the village were discouraged and disappointed. They were so disillusioned that many planned to leave their hopeless village for others, even a different country. Those too old or sick to leave were resolved to just wait for death to come.

Surprisingly, one person started to speak encouraging words. He insisted that instead of waiting and expecting a miracle King or Queen, they themselves should come together and begin to repair their village.

Those who have some education from long ago must begin to instruct the children. Young men and women must brush the bush and cultivate the land. They must celebrate their ancestors and glorify God.

As he spoke, others started coming up with new ideas on how to rebuild their wounded village. They started to envision and believe in a brighter future.

At the end of the play, the great expectation came to an abrupt end, and a grand feast to celebrate their new beginning in still ongoing.


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