AMEU Announces Music Extravaganza


The African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) has announced a holiday musical extravaganza featuring activities like African Ballard dance, drama and Jazz performance.

According to Dawn Barnes, Associate Vice President – Academic Support, the program is intended to build the university’s art program, and will be done on an annual basis.

“This is our way of inviting the Board of Trustees, special friends and parents to see some of our extra student activities firsthand,” Madam Barnes said.

She added that the university choir will also be ready to entertain the audience with spectacular performances, “as they have been waiting for this day so long.”

“This event is a perfect place for anyone to spend the weekend. You won’t regret it as you will be fully entertained in the best way we can,” said Barnes.

Madam Barnes said that she feels “excited that our students have started learning about their own culture since the start of the program, especially the drama team, who has been taught about traditional history by the Flomo Theater Production.”

“The dances from our Ballard Crew will definitely feature all of Liberia’s traditional dance steps from the fifteen counties, and it is a new style we want to show to the world.

“This is the best Christmas gift we want to give to the public and we urge every one to come, feel and see,” she added.

Admission for the extravaganza is US$15 for VIP and ordinary (students with ID card) L$150.


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