ALM Record, the record label that fallen music icon Quincy B was signed to, have identified with several Ebola orphans as part of the late artist’s birthday celebration.

The celebration, which took place in the remote part of Banjor where the orphans live, was characterized by fun-sharing and playing games, and climaxed with the donation of food and non-assorted food items.

Quincy B, who died in a car accident on March 3, was born April 24, 1996.

Mr. Lewiz McCarthy, manager of the late artist, said the donation was in fulfillment of his dream to celebrate his birthday with less fortunate children this year.

“I wish he was here today to put smiles on the faces of these children, but we can’t judge our creator, because he has gone to our great beyond.

“We still have a responsibility to carry on his dream to ensure that ALM Records keeps his legacy alive. This is just the beginning; there is more to come,” he said.

According to Lewiz, the late Quincy B’s dream was to cater to less fortunate children, “but he did not live to fulfill that.”

He said the ceremony was not just about donating food; but a way of helping to solve the children’s problems.

Receiving the items, Mabaidu Dakowah, caretaker of the children, extends gratitude to ALM Records and expressed sorry for “the untimely loss of a young and promising musical star.”

She said the help came at the right time, when one considers the difficulties the children are faced with.

“Right now, I’m finding it difficult to take care of these children, even to feed them is hard.

“I hope that today will not be the first or the last. It is our prayer that ALM Records will continue what they have started here today,” said Mabaidu.

Apart from not having regular food, most of the children are not going to school because of a lack of finance. “Looking at this, I am appealing to ALM Records to help,” she said.

In another related development, ALM Records said in a statement that they have agreed to shoulder the children’s school fees for the next academic year.

The statement added that if ALM Records was informed earlier about the children’s school fees, “by this time, they would have been going to school.”

“However, nothing can be done now because it is just two months away for this academic year to come to an end,” said Lewiz in the statement.


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