Martina Brooks, the publicist for fallen music icon Quincy B, has denied reports that the grave of the late artist was vandalized and his body left naked on the floor.

The news about the vandalism came a day after several folks posted on social media quoting ELBC that the late Quincy B’s grave was robbed, his body dumped on the ground and the casket stolen.

The news added that the clothes, sneakers, and all other materials the artist was dressed in were stolen by the grave robbers.

However, the people posting the alleged news could not provide photos of what they said occurred.

In a press release, Martina explained that the tomb of the late artist is safe and that at no time was it vandalized as reported on social media.

“The news that the grave was tampered with and casket stolen went viral during the late hours on Sunday, March 26, 2017. The management of ALM said the news is false and misleading, “she said.

She added that on Sunday, there were several posts on social media, especially Facebook, that the body of Quincy B was taken out, with his casket and outfit stolen, quoting an ELBC report.

“ALM immediately contacted the state broadcaster and was told that at no time did the state radio report such news. ALM wants to call on Liberians at home and abroad not to panic as the grave of its fallen star is safe and that security personnel have been assigned at the grave site since the burial,” she said.

She went on to implore Liberians to report positive news about their country.


  1. Comment:thanks for your information this news spread all over Liberia that his clothes,casket and other things was stolen from the late Quincy B. grave.
    i will help to inform about that the they say they say is not true no prove to it.


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