Alice Yawo Back in Business


Many a time professional breakups can be very painful; but learning to overcome ‘the dark days’ always brings about results. While calling for a split with someone you manage cannot be easy, it is sometimes necessary for a new and better beginning – even a peaceful career.

In Alice Yawo’s case, since breaking up with DenG, she has signed five artists to her stable – all gaining momentum in the industry. Overcoming the split means Alice is dusting up her past and trying to move on from the situation that almost led her to quit managing artists.

Alice says she is now someplace peaceful and fulfilling; although she had to start from square one.

“Like every relationship, once it ends, society expects the woman to sit around for a very long time before moving on. And if it was not for my passion for management I was going to do that.

“But then again we are in an era where women are changing mentally; and being a feminist, I decided to stand up, let go of my past and try again,” she added.

With her knack for management, she is pushing her ‘newly acquired’ artists to another level, and doing everything possible for them to have a great and memorable music career.

“I cannot work with any artist that I lack belief in. I believe that Kizzy W, C.I.C, Casimoney and Maima Myers are hit-makers. My relationship with each of them is purely professional, nothing else.

“However, I have some personal relationship with each of them; and because of that, they feel open to share with me issues that affect them. The female is more comfortable speaking to King Jaffar, my colleague; and the males are comfortable speaking to me. It works well,” she said.


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