Alexander Ush and Joseph Weah Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their Upcoming Film


Anyone can make a good or bad movie, but it takes a special kind of mind to create a touching, real life and inspiring story like that of Joseph C. Weah’s (aka Joe Baby) up and coming ‘Strive’ movie.

Strive has caught the attention of Alexander Ush, an acclaimed movie producer and director, Randall Jackson, from Liberian National Television and  Pinky Appleton , who plays Weah’s wife in the movie.

The movie is being co-directed by Weah himself, a man of many talents and who has expanded his interest in not just acting, but directing music video and films.

“I’m the assistant director to Ush in this movie.  I’m [also] the main character while Pinky is playing one of the major roles alongside me as my wife.  This is not a film that includes a lot of people; it’s a little family film.  An emotional story that surrounds a family and the uttermost responsibility of a man when he has one,” Weah stated.

Strive pushes a strong and moving message about being focused. According to Weah, “If you’re focused in life, trust me – no matter what you will get to the top. It’s just that kind of message I’m trying to get out there to my fans,” he disclosed.

The Liberian market has been circulating Liberian movies recently, some with taste and some made with practical fun. Weah is one of Liberia’s hottest male actors and has come a long way in gaining the title as possibly the most commended.

This independent family drama is one that many are waiting to see released. When watching the making, you’ll feel like life is not fair if it involves so much hardship as is being portrayed.

“In the film, an ex-combatant played by me, has decided to hand in his arms and start life the honest way. Already a high school graduate and married to his wife (Pinky), he tries to do everything to make a living for his family. From selling cold water, to loading cars and shining shoes, this hard working man tries his best to earn enough money to feed his son who literally hangs on his back wherever he goes to earn his daily bread. Hard work turns to panic when he begins to lose all that he loves one by one, and the deafening silence and roll of tears in the movie show’s that he has lost someone very close to him. The only way to his dream is through the determination of never giving up. This movie shows the amount of desperation one man can contain just to live and see his family live,” Weah added.


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