Accountability Lab to Launch ‘Corruption Must Go’ Campaign


Accountability Lab in collaboration with Hip Co artist Amaze has announced a joint initiative to combat corruption in Liberia through the power of Hip Co music.

The discussion is expected to focus heavily on the contribution music can make in the fight against corruption, inequality, and how these massages should be disseminated.

Amaze will also join several Hip Co artists including Takun J after screening the video of his song “Corruption Corruption” to discuss the role of Hip Co in promoting accountability, social change and enabling justice.

The Accountability Lab program aims to give artists the chance to discuss corruption on a broader basis, help them form their own prospective and properly inform people about better ways to eradicate corruption through music.

The initiative, which is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), will be extended to a number of schools and universities in Monrovia and Buchanan, where Amaze will speak on the importance of eliminating corruption at all levels of society.

Talking about his reason for composing the song, Amaze said, “I feel corruption is one of the biggest viruses eating our nation. In order to solve a problem you have to get to the root cause. I wrote this song to alert parents on the need to monitor corrupt tendencies in children, even at a young age.”

Amaze, whose real name is Henry Amazin Toe, began his rap career in Guinea as a Liberian refugee during the civil war.

After joining the popular dance group 3T in 2005, Amaze transformed the crew from a group that danced to foreign songs to a trio that produced its own original content, achieving widespread acclaim with the track ‘Dizzing’.

The group was, however, dissolved in 2010. Amaze now performs as a solo artist, along with Peaches.

Jim Tuttle, who directed and produced the video said, “The ruins of the Ducor Hotel provided a great backdrop. The building itself is a vivid symbol of a bygone opulence fallen to decay.”

Tuttle added: “It was a fun challenge to create a visual experience that compliments his lyrical message and catchy Hip Co beat.”

Program Director of Accountability Lab, Brooks Marmon, said his organization catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world.

“We are an incubator for accountability change-makers to develop and implement innovative ideas for integrity in their communities. We train, mentor, and resource citizens to strengthen systems of accountability to unleash positive social and economic change,” he added.

In addition to its work with film and music, Accountability Lab has supported a variety of initiatives in the visual arts including an ongoing mural campaign and the production of an accountability comic book series.

The video will be made available on the Accountability Lab’s YouTube channel on October 16. The audio can be streamed on Amaze Sound Cloud now.


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