Accountability Lab Ends ‘Corruption Must Go’ Campaign


Participants at the just ended Accountability Lab ‘Corruption Must Go Campaign’ at the Grand Bassa High School in Buchanan have praised the organization for coming up with an initiative that will help them develop an open-minded approach to fighting corruption.

“This campaign has helped us to know that we cannot leave the fight to minimize corruption only on government, that it also requires our full involvement.

“The fight against corruption should begin with parents because on many occasions we compromise stealing in the early stages of our children’s lives. When they grow up, it becomes difficult to tackle,” said some participants.

The participants vowed to implement their responsibilities as parents, saying that the fight is about the future of Liberia and its children.

They commended Amaze for taking a firm position against corruption through his song, which reminds everyone that corruption can be minimized if it is not compromised during childhood development.

The initiative, which is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), aims to give artists the chance to discuss corruption on a broader basis, help them form their own prospective on the issue and to properly inform the public about better ways to eradicate corruption through their music.

The campaign was hosted in a joint collaboration with Hip Co artist Amaze, whose song “Corruption Corruption” is the centerpiece of the movement.

The Buchanan program was participatory and entertaining and allowed participants to interact with each other and readily express their views.

Hip Co artist Amaze put a twist on his previous position on the issue by adding students to the list of those who could play a leading role in helping government minimize the effects and spread of corruption in Liberia.

The local rapper said that while it is true that parents are heeding the massage and that “government is doing everything,” corruption will, however, remain unscathed if students continue to bribe their way through school.

“We must not say that student involvement is not important because they are the nation’s future leaders, and consultation with them to have a change in attitude will help us overcome this public enemy,” said Amaze.

“Though many of you will find it difficult to stop corruption because it develops a tendency to grow, I challenge each one of you to take that bold step and be agents of change”

In his brief remarks, the program coordinator at Accountability Lab, Brooks Marmon, said “the campaign has shown the impressive reach and power of music in positively transforming society and educating individuals to realize that stopping corruption begins at home.”

Lyrics teaser: “Corruption Corruption”

“Corruption Corruption’/it can start right from the home/step by step it gets mature when you are grown/Corruption Corruption/it can be minimized provided if the parents and the child don’t compromise (2x)”

1st verse
Corruption/it can start right under your nose/go measure two cups then the child go measure four/child ain’t wanna know/he or she wants belly full/pappy want wine him/but the ol ma there grinding forgetting to know that corruption gaining ground/today that’s small steal/tomorrow that’s big crime/go pay your school fees/then the child shorten the ma you give 10g’s/then the child kwaz half small small big big/he or she heading the wrong path/don’t even ask them to mind the soup that trouble/they will peak inside/including the boney and the pigs foot/parents lets try to study the children/when they grow up with this habit/they will end up being evil/parents lets really study the children/when they grow up with this habit they will end up being evil…


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