Abraham Pelham’s Charity Fashion Show


Abraham Pelham, considered Liberia’s top fashion designer with a client portfolio that includes President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, recently had a sold out fashion show aimed at raising funds to provide 2000 rain coats for disadvantaged Liberian children.

On July 19, 2014, scores of high profile personalities including the President graced the Monrovia City Hall ballroom to see the latest fashion opus by Abraham Pelham.

According to Pelham, the proceeds from his charity fashion show will ensure that at least 2000 Liberian children are suited up with rain gear for the rainy season. 

Who wouldn’t want even a strip of fabric designed by Pelham? Among the crowd favorites was a dress priced at US$3,000, with very elegant hues of lime green embedded in its fabric. Surprisingly, but not a shock to any of Mr. Pelham’s clients, every garment at the show was sold, one of which was auctioned for a deal – US$1,500.  In addition to his gorgeous dresses, Brussels Airlines donated a first-class roundtrip ticket Monrovia-New York that was auctioned at US$5,000.

“In Paris we see the kids prepared for the rain, but why aren’t our kids in Liberia prepared? It really bothered me and I was going to do a little show for my friend but then the idea hit me, we should bring awareness to this,” he said during an interview with LIB Life.

It takes a lot to notice the little things in Liberia and Mr. Pelham’s charity initiative could go a long way for many children who have to walk distances to school under the rain. 

 “When I tell this story I get very emotional,” Pelham continues. “I came to Liberia almost a few months ago to do a training program involving children, but I had to work in Buchanan as well. I’ve never been here during the rainy season; there are a lot of things that I forgot about. On my way to Buchanan I saw children under the rain. It’s like we’re getting immune to what we see, when it’s constant it becomes a part of life, like a fabric of life. We don’t know where the next president will come from and I don’t know who the next vice president will be, it could be anyone of these kids on the road under the rain and the amazing thing about it is, despite the rain, it will happen.”


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