A Story of Weaving


Once upon a time, there was a perfect world. No one wore clothes because the weather was, of course, perfect. And everyone’s body was very beautiful.

Then one day a village elder saw a huge, spectacular, beautifully beautiful, unbelievably magnificent spider web. Its color was radiant and the design indescribably intricate and striking.

The wise elder decided to come every day to the spot. She was hoping to see the spider that was the weaver – the artist. After several days she finally saw the grandiose and glorious weaver of the web. Instantly, she knew this was the last time she would see the web or the spider and she began studying the design to memorize all she could of it.

Sure enough, the next day the spider and web were gone. The creative elder began gathering all the materials she could think of to create a beautiful piece of art like the spider’s web. She worked for many weeks, but couldn’t get her circular shape to hold together like the spider’s web did and she finally gave up. Yet every night she dreamed of the beautiful web. Then one night she realized that she should go back to the spot where she first saw the spider’s web. She carefully carried her own design to the same place and hung her unfinished attempt at weaving in the very spot where the beautiful web had been and she returned home. Deciding to be very patient, she waited. The day she quietly returned to the site, she saw it! A new magnificent creation! But wait! On closer inspection she saw her own piece skillfully woven into the new design. This web was NOT a circular shape, but a perfect creation for a perfect world. That’s how weaving and wearing changed this perfect world forever.



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