A Review of Dream Debo’s ‘Freedom’


The movie ‘Freedom’, set during the civil war in Liberia, is a mixture of gory scenes and the quest for power over innocent civilians. It depicts a series of massacres that raises intrigues among the soldiers against the rebel leader General Akeen (Dream Debo).

But while the action scenes are an eye-opener, the climax and resolution could have been worked out in a better way in order to broaden and increase suspense.

And although the plot of the film differs somewhat from the actual scenario of the civil war, it does present an in-depth understanding of what truly happened during the crisis.

Dream said the reason the film fluctuated, though slightly, is that the team didn’t want to fully catch up with the actual rebel leader.

The film highlights what took place after rebels came with a supposedly good attention to overthrow the government for what they claimed were unfair distribution of resources, but ended up killing innocent people.

General Akeen and company builds a ruthless empire in the twinkle of an eye and unifies forces loyal to him. However, a group of civilians, led by a church pastor, speak bluntly to the rebels about the ills being perpetrated by them.

Armed only with courage and conviction, they demand freedom but are murdered in cold blood by the rebels.

Suddenly the cruelty of General Akeen leads down a dark path as his principal deputy, Melvin G. Melvin, who plays the role of Brutus, conspired with a few other rebels and succeeds in overthrowing him.

Along with a devoted female soldier, General Akeen manages to escape alive, and plans to return.

However, the untold plot is in the making of the film set for Part Two.

‘Freedom’ puts on display an experience cast that features Karie Walker, Isaac Sunday Sieh, two of Liberia’s hottest comedians, and E. Owusu Dahnsaw.

The trailer can be viewed on YouTube and has so far grabbed more than 300 views.


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