A Phoenix in Flesh:David Mell Returns Next Week


It’s official! David Mell, has confirmed his return to Liberia.

Like the mythical Greek phoenix, David Mell has risen from the near-fatal fire that threatened his face and his musical future, and will next week touchdown in Liberia for the first time since a year ago, when he was whisked off to South Africa for rest and recovery.

“I’ll be returning home on May 7, 2014, I’m coming home. The number one reason is to see my family, which is personal though. Secondly, I’ll be getting ready for my USA tour and other things.”

Time flies.  It has been about one year since the fire accident happened. Many have considered David Mell’s departure a dire necessity – the move that has saved his career.  

What many might not quite understand is that Mell experienced unimaginable pain, physiological pain that required more medical attention out of the country. Some believe, however, the time away for David to properly heal from the traumatic and highly publicized burn incident has secured much hope for his career and helped him escape the stigma and uncertainty that could have followed if he had remained in Liberia.

I just came on this side to rest myself; I’ve been through a lot of trauma,” says David in his own words.  “Before being here my fiancée walked out of my life which brought me down and brought disgrace and trauma. Then the following year, the accident hit.  So I’ve been through a lot. I just wanted a new environment where I can go and just breathe and put myself together,” David told LIB Life in an exclusive Facebook Chat interview.

According to David, his visit to South Africa was related to his physical health.

“Secondly, I was also on medical, serious medication,” he continued. “My left arm almost got damaged from the accident; it was serious, very serious. I spent two months in the hospital in George in Western Cape province. I’m in Pretoria, just north of Johannesburg right now.”

Meanwhile, David is all set and prepared to come back home. When asked what he expects from his fans as a welcome home gesture, Mell teasingly says he should be the one handing out the gestures for his undying appreciation towards his fans and their affection.

But, according to the Melody Maker, South Africa has been treating him fairly well and will be missed upon his departure.

“South Africans love me mainly because of my nationality.  Liberia’s like a hot place [to them] right now; everybody’s talking about it”, he says. “Being a celebrity from [Liberia], I have special attention out here, but can’t wait to get home because I miss the food.”

With an expected Appreciation Concert set for May 17, 2014 at the Royal Plus International in Paynesville, David says that he’s ready to show his appreciation to his fans that prayed, fasted and supported his recovery.

“I’m so grateful because of what my fans did for me after the accident when I was in the hospital,” he said. “I think I should be the one saying thanks to everybody. That’s why we’ve organized the appreciation concert at the Royal Plus International.”


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