A New Class of Promising Producers Showcasing their Hidden Talents


Making the changeover from being a producing mastermind to a performing artist is tough, but not impossible.

2016 is seeing a new breed of promising producers showcasing their hidden ‘gift of the gab’ on stage. These are producers to watch this year, and we highlight their steps and new skills…

T-Bund Records’ De-Boy first emerged on the scene in 2007 with what is now known as Gbema music or “Music for the interior.”

From combining high tempo bass lines and mixing them with Gbema tune, Hip-Co and Gbema beat, Gbema music has progressed into a trendy sound over the years, and innovative producers like De-Boy have helped promote the way cultural music in the new age is accepted.

As this year paces itself into a promising one in Liberia’s entertainment industry, January marks the release of his first ever sophomore project and music video “Don’t Tune.”

The single sneaks us into the captivating yet rhythm smooth sound of music, and why De-Boy could be the next Gbema star.

“I started producing Gbema music when Hip-Co was the only sound all over in 2007. I came across few musicians like RK enterprise, Super Sounds and Sonia, who told me that their customers were from the interior and they weren’t really into Hip-Co. That’s how I came about creating
Gbema music; it became a hit in their own county and then all over,” he said.

De-Boy is known for his “sexy” instrumentals, but his objective for the turn of the New Year is to “let my fans know that I’m not only a producer but also an artist,” he told LIB Life.

According to De-Boy, it is his artistic ability to sing that brought him into constructing music.

“Some understand that being an engineer makes you an automatic artist. I’m now coming out as an artist and bringing great songs and beg my fans and supporters to open up and accept them; embrace them and lift me up as an artist,” he added.

Meanwhile, his recent hit “Don’t Tun” is a sexy Afro- Techno that is surprisingly unique compared to what Liberian artists have produced in the past. As a result, the song is in demand from DJs, who all admit to loving the dance beat.

De-Boy also has a single, “Don’t go,” for the ladies, a touching and inspiring song for women.

De-Boy continues to use his spare time in the studio to add more tracks to complete and drop what he says should be one of the most interesting albums.


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