A Look at the Liberian Music Landscape


From 2006-2015, Liberian musicians have made some significant strides redefining and improving the various genres of music not limited to only Hip-CO, Afro pop and Gbema. As our society transitions from war to peace, our music has also transformed, blending an improved sound quality with well directed videos that is now attracting huge numbers of followers, locally and in the Diaspora.

Far different from about six years back, improvements in the various genres have made them more energetic, with beats that can pull anyone onto the dance floor; they can even inspire you to think.

Our local twist to Afro pop, which becomes juicy when laced with colloqua, makes it very unique, something that now sees Liberian music finally competing with its African counterparts.

A cursory scan of the numerous radio stations and hopping from club to club would reveal that our people are finally owning-up to our sensations in Afro pop, Gbema, HipCo and traditional music.

Once dominated by foreign music, the Liberian music landscape, for the past eight years, is having a loud revolution as its end products are now the favorites of DJs and party people alike.

China-based Liberian HipCo rapper Jon Bricks said “Artists have improved greatly from lyrics to appearances, even the producers also have improved, and that is a plus for the game even while we still aim high.

“Because of this improvement the fans do come out in there thousands to support and I must applaud them for that and it is something that is really helping artists.”

Now that Liberia’s own style of Afro pop has become the dominant genre, with many hit songs to its credit, the music must cut its overreliance on mechanized beats.

Accordingly, the increased access to electronic keyboards, metronome, sequence, sophisticated software, among others, has given the industry’s end products a better organic sound.

Veteran singer Detrench said, “For the past years Liberian music has gradually improved from our day, not just command in their musical skillfulness, but also in the lyrical content.

“Nowadays, a musician’s lyric content has become more of a competition of inspiring and sweet rhythmical words that appease the tastes of people, whether it is HipCo or Afro pop.”

One thing that has definitely sealed the fate of the industry as one that is upward mobile and definitely going places is the fact that the fans have given their nod to its trendy nature by not only playing the songs, they also buy them and flock to shows featuring Liberian artists.

“Liberian music is a frequently changing and growing music. At least the artist and the producer are trying to live with modern developments in the music world, which simplifies that in the long run Liberian music will take over Africa,” said publicist Junda Kennedy Morris.

We at LIB Life observe that the current trend is able to attract huge audiences by its masterly blend of lyrics and sound.

But the ultimate future of Liberian music totally depends on the music producers, who need be more unique in order for Liberian music to take its place internationally.


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