A Look at Takun J’s Political Quest

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With just over a year to go before the 2017 general elections, the race for the Montserrado District #8 legislative seat is heating up, with Hipco legend Takun J announcing his candidacy two months ago.

As a legendry artist, Takun J has a massive following that loved his artistic flare; but sadly, when it comes to politics, he does not.

However, despite his obvious inexperience in politics, political analysts are somehow predicting that he stands a good chance to win.

They point to the fact that Takun J having grown up in poverty understands the poor living condition of the masses – a group who are seeking leaders who understand and are willing to help alleviate their suffering.

The truth here is many Liberians are tired with recycled politicians who continue to fail them. Voters are therefore seeking someone who can better address income inequality, social injustice and other issues, something that the rapper has been advocating for some time now in his songs.

This is where Takun J fits in because as someone who is not a part of the political establishment, he cannot be judged by the same standards used to judge underperforming politicians seeking to be recycled through votes.

This makes Takun J an ideal candidate; one who can fight against the old order by striking a blow at the political establishments.

Another reason for Takun J to be hopeful is that he stands a good chance with the youth voting bloc because he has inspired frustrated middle and working class voters with his ideas for change. That change would come with these voting blocs making history by electing the first Hipco musician into congress.

The working and middle class do not vote on sentiments like the youth. Now that Takun J is making inroads among this group gives him a stronger chance come 2017.

Also, the current trend of Liberians showing more disappointment over their current lawmakers’ performance suggests that reelection chances are slim for many of them, giving Takun J a great opportunity to cause an upset.

While his rivals will see him as a naïve political novice, these labels might just as well become his saving grace in the upcoming elections.

As things stand, Takin J’s policies on development, accountability and transparency are weak and cannot attract middle class workers satisfied with the status quo and vote selling youths who don’t care about policies or platforms.

Takun J and the incumbent Acarous Gray both have moral problems, but the pressure is on Takun to clean up his celebrity lifestyle to project that moral character that will make people trust him.

It also rumored that Takun J is in the illegal drugs/narcotics business. If this news has any iota of truth, then it needs to stop immediately, because this would bring his dream for change into question during the election period.

Another major issue working against Takun J is favorability in Liberia elections, something that has to do with voter loyalty, whether they will actually vote for him or not.

With the incumbent representative belonging to the main opposition bloc, Congress for Democratic Change, and District #8 being one of the party’s strongholds, things may not be all in Takun’s favor.

Running in an election is a costly business. The current situation with Takun not being financially strong enough to support his own campaign means that he presents himself as someone that can be cheaply bought by the political establishments.

Though tapping into pockets of angry voters desperate for change increases his chance of winning; however, any exposed shortcoming will bring his political ambition to derision.

The general election is still far away; and it is won by numbers, not the number of crowd anyone can pull.


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