A Look at Jon Bricks’ ‘Diva Dream Alive’ Concert


During his three-day “Diva Dream Alive” concert few months ago, Jon Bricks thrilled thousands of fans with a classical performance that cannot just be forgotten.

At the opening of the concert at Gossip Nightclub, Bricks started his performance in a very classical style, which got the crowd literally jumping and signing the opening chords of each song they knew.

Just like every hot show, the crowd at the three-day concert pulled out their cellphones in numbers to capture the artist and his counterpart Zheng Zheng.

The concert ended the long awaited dream of Bricks’ fans who has waited for years to see the legendary Hip-co artist performing live the songs he featured Chinese superstar Zheng Zheng.

The hosting of the concert itself was a historic moment for the fans and the artists.

The second and third days of the show, held at a much larger location, was filled with thousands of amazing fans who were well behaved throughout the night.

Most of the songs performed during the concert were old hits, with few songs from Bricks’ acclaimed recent album, ‘Diva.’

However, it took the crowd time to grab the catchy hook of the songs before they could start singing along and get into the dancing mood.

Though Bricks stole the first day of the show, the second and third days were taken by the Chinese superstar, whose Chinese pop rapping style left fans screaming in excitement and dancing to the beat.

Going all out during the remain two days of the concert, Zheng Zheng engaged the crowd in a sing-along and was later seen running from one point of the stage to the other, while playing his electric guitar.

The concert in Liberia was Zheng Zheng’s first on the Africa continent as an artist.

Thought the ‘Diva Dream Alive’ was successful, there were a few hiccups, like the show not kicking off on time, as was expected by the people.

However, the third day of the show at Bernard Beach Internet Connection was poorly delivered, making it difficult for fans to quickly upload photos and videos online from the artists’ sets.


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