9 Entertainment Executives Launch ‘Home-based’ Liberian Music Awards


Several prominent figures of the media and entertainment industry in Liberia have come together to proclaim the official start of a home-based Liberian Music Awards (LiMA).

“This is our way of giving back to the Liberian industry to help strengthen and showcase our entertainers around the world who are working hard,” stated LiMA’s chairman, Fidel Samukai.

LiMA has been in the making for the past year and during that period, nine of its successful business members has added his/her own attribute in making LiMA ready for declaration.

The home-based event is steered by an executive committee including Champion Designs CEO Edwin Tisdell; Hott FM and Blue Links Entrainment Marketing manager and co-founder, Bernard “DJ Blue” Benson; Shizo Magazine CEO Duplex Joeploe; Wonder World Group’s Lewis Mccarthy; Red Eyez

Entertainment CEO Yusuf Mansour; Mad Media Entertainment’s Sundaygar Dearboy; Victor George of BlakFaz Inc, Monrovia Liquor store owner Fidel Samukai and Barkue Tubman Zarwolo, CEO of Miss Boss Lady Ent. and Peace Cafe/Yehbo.

Each member of the executive committee has vowed to improve the music industry with every skill and marketable strategy his or her group has come up with.

“We’ll engage the media because we know that the media is a good advertiser, they can sell the authentication of what we have developed. The Liberian people are our main focus also in making this a fair and transparent ceremony. We’re here to get all the right people on board, because it is them who will get to vote and decide your best entertainers, “ stated the CEO of Blue Links record and 1 Media House, Bernard “DJ Blue” Benson.

The Liberia Music awards (LiMA) launching was held at the Peace Cafe on 17th Street Sinkor, with journalists from various media houses present.

At the launching ceremony, the chairman of the organization, Fidel T. Samukai, emphasized that the organization is intended to help improve, balance and certify the music industry and its hard-working contributors.

“LiMA was established in 2015 to develop, enhance and empower the Liberian Entrainment Industry and its players. We are forming a historical setting that derives from years of passion towards this,” he added.

Meanwhile, madam Barkue Tubman was not present but all members pointed out that the objective of the organization is to award entertainers who have demonstrated great talents to the public.

“This will encourage other artists to perform harder,” said Lewis McCarthy, who noted that the music industry of the country has faced serious challenges for improvement over the years.

A source close to the organizers says that a key motivation behind the establishment of LiMA is to support and encourage local (and many times rural) Liberian musical artists who, for one reason or another, cannot make their way to, or have not been recognized by, similar Liberian awards initiatives based in the United States.

“We don’t shift blame on anyone,” McCarthy told LIB Life. All we want to now do is correct the industry with our partners at Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism and and the Liberian Music Union. There’s a need to help develop our industry. For now we are self-funded, but looking for partners,” he added.

According to Victor George, LiMA will work along with any interested and credible entitity in reaching their goal.

“We can’t carry on this program without the Ministry of Information getting involved. Their responsible for entertainment but they’re not giving any financial assistance now. We have a good working relationship with the organization,” he added.

The organizers describe LiMA as a symbol to demonstrate love and unity that its members have for the industry.

The awards organization assures decentralizing its initiative across the country will impact evem the rural parts, and encourages interested Liberians to show support towards the venture.


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