7CH Prepare to Host ‘Ebola History Arts Exhibition’


With less than three days remaining to one of the biggest cultural activities in recent times, the head of the organizing team, Fato Wheremogar, has disclosed that they are fully prepared to host the event.

Fato, who chairs the Seven Creative Heads (7CH), the organizer of the ‘Ebola History Arts Exhibition’, said although the event is just a few days away, it is gaining momentum with lots of positive feedbacks coming for high profile guests, among others.

“We are fully prepared to host the exhibition because all plans have been full executed. Everything that is needed to make the day great is now in place including all replicates of Ebola paintings as well as other items that aided in the fight against Ebola that will be on sale.

“The original materials cannot go on sale because it’s the one that will be used in the US. We regret any embarrassment this news may cause.

“Still we are encouraging people to come and purchase the paintings that depict the plethora of scenes from the Ebola crisis in Liberia. All the paintings are visual memoirs of one of Liberia’s darkest moments.

“While it is true that the event is open to everyone, there will be some special guests in attendance; therefore people are encouraged to start purchasing their tickets now,” Mr. Wheremogar said.

Fato, who himself is one of Liberia’s renowned painters, said additional activities have been added to the previous list, and it will come as a “surprise” for those that will be at the program.

“We included these extra activities as additional flavors that will make the event unique and not boring,” he added.

Few hours before the main exhibition starts, according to Mr. Wheremogar, local culture experts will be discussing how important it is for government and well-known individuals to help preserve the origin materials for generational use.

The program, designed by the 7CH, is aimed at creating awareness and raising funds for their trip to the US for the West African Historical Arts Exhibition in 2017.

The one-day event will take place on September 10 at the Monrovia City Hall and will play host to more than 30 local artists. It is expected to attract nearly 400 people.


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