7 Schools ‘Battle’ in National Street Dance Championships


 It was quite an exciting and interesting event on National Fast and Prayer Day; students from seven high schools— in and out of Monrovia— combined their passion with dedication to express their thanks and appreciation to God for theircountry and families in the inaugural National Street Dance Competition.

The two-hour dance competition involved modern-day styles and trends; leaving students full of excitement, anticipating the “big prize,” which will be awarded this Friday the 18th at the Sports Commission on Broad Street, Monrovia.

The maiden edition of the National Street Dance Competition (NSDC) amongst schools is organized by a Liberian event-planning organization, 3B Promotion, and sponsored by LiberianEntertainment.com; both owned by Peterking Quaye.

The AME Zion High School on Benson Street began the show with ‘African steps’ as the introduction to their performance. The dance crew’s leader commonly called ‘Yokei Blink’ singularly took the stage with his “cakewalk, creep walk and jacking” to correspond with the instrumental musicof Fallen Angel. The all-male group was greeted with warm applause.

Next, was the Cathedral Catholic High School; this time it was an all-African music affair. Their crews’ leader, dubbed ‘Shadow Wayne’ danced like a robot, but some said it was a “boogie head dance.” This all-male group got lesser cheers.

St. Michael’s Catholic School entered the floor with “whacking” from the girls and “hard-step” from the males to the beat of African music, which was controlled by their main-man, ‘Moose.’

The all-male St. Mary’s School danced superbly to five songs in five minutes, which made the crowd, go crazily wild.  The group chief, ‘Chila Papa’ danced in the forefront through all of the songs, while the others danced interchangeably.

The beat from Liberia’s newest hit song, “Dey Vex” was enough to cheer for St. Edward’s Catholic School. Their footwork, whacking, bounces and acrobatics were tastefully and marvelously done.

St. Peter’s Lutheran High School and SDA High Schools climaxed the show with their “boogie-woogie” to African beats.

The Master of Ceremony, the ‘Black Shammar’ announced that last Friday’s battle marked the preliminaries, but that there would be an elimination leading up to the April 18th final; where the winners would be subsequently announced.

The Organizer of the event, Mr. Quaye, said the competition, which he intends to be an annual event, is aimed at bringing dancers to the fore as well as involving positive social interaction between students.

“Street Dancing is any dance created outside of traditional dance forms and ‘outside of the box’,” says Quaye.  “With street dancing, the only thing you have to think about when you’re dancing is the beat or the rhythm of the song.  It makes the dancer happy, exploring what is in him or her, and lets that dancer feel peace within him or herself in consonance with the theme: ‘stop violence, love peace’.”



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