2015 ‘A Tough Year’ For Eric Geso


While it is true that 2015 put Afro pop artist Eric Geso in the spotlight when he grabbed two awards, he has, however, described last year as a tough year.

Nodding his head before making any remarks, the artist said the toughest moment of his career came when he was denied a visa at the US Embassy in Monrovia.

Taking in a deep breath, Eric Geso noted: “I viewed the Liberia Music Awards invitation as an opportunity that could monetize my career. When I heard that I was denied (the visa), it broke me down for weeks.”

Eric Geso said it took days to overcome the stress, but that “everything in one’s life happens for a reason.”

Revealing another difficult moment, Eric Geso angrily explained that the more hurtful part of 2015 was him being paid “very low” to perform at several mega concerts.

“The poor support we receive from fans not purchasing our music makes us compromise and agree to such low wages because we need money to come out with new songs.

“When fans see me performing at these shows, they think I’m making lots of money. That’s not the case,” said Eric Geso.

He explained that music is his “best companion” that helped him to overcome these difficult moments, adding that “it has the power to influence everyone’s life.”

“For me music is a tool that’s meant to inspire and usher you into a different world. It is food that satisfies my soul without thirst,” the Afro pop sensation said.

Meanwhile, Eric Geso declined to disclose his New Year’s Resolution. However, a close source hinted LIB Life that the artist’s primary focus is to release his long awaited first studio album.

Our source said the artist’s second focus is going on a country tour and building a strong fan base.


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