2015: 9 Setbacks that Shocked the Entertainment Industry


Another calendar year is coming to an end, with a revolving door of setbacks within the entertainment industry that unexpectedly came as a wildfire to many. Just like any form of entertainment, not every event, news about a famous artist or record breaking moment that comes out as a success.
From visa denials to poor concerts and headliner artists falling short as well as plenty other shocks that happened in the industry, here, we give you the list of top 9 events that stood above the rest. We are sure that you will like them:

1. Attending a concert should be a nice experience for everyone but sometimes it can be a messed up occurrence just like the highly anticipated Monrovia Liquor Store concert titled “A Night with the Stars’’ that was beset with poor attendance and artists doing lip synching instead of live performances.
The show at Antoinette Tubman Stadium could not event boast of 400 people in attendance as some fans were walking out of the stadium in despair due to the delays in starting.
The show had a good lighting system, but the sound system was not at its best; and since artists continued in lip-syncing, it infuriated the handful of remaining fans. Despite its struggles to flog in attendance, the show did not have a dice joke to mix the songs, but rather they were played from an iPod computer.
The show featured an impressive cast, including Eric Geso, Takun J, K-Zee, Soul Fresh and Scientific, but those names were unable to draw huge crowds of fans to the stadium.

2. It was a tragedy that struck the whole industry despite the huge publicity that surrounded the multi award winning artist Joe Praize’s “Live in Monrovia concert,” as the show suffered from poor attendance at the Blue Field and has a hiccup in the starting time. It is still unclear as to what is the actual cause of that huge setback for such an international artist’s first visit to Liberia.
But critics blamed the organizer for poor planning and worst of all the lighting and sound quality were also very poor. Another nightmare was that Joe Praize has to wait in his car for more than two hours while the organizer’s technical team worked on the generator. By the time the show started, many people had already left the stadium leaving the international artist to perform in front of a crowd of less than 100 people.

3. During the second edition of the Liberia Music Award (LMA) in 2015, an entire delegate comprising of 18 local artists that were due to perform at the show in the United State of America were denied visas by the Consular Section at the US Embassy near Monrovia.
Several of the artists reportedly denied visas include local industry headliners such as “Deng, Soul Fresh, Eric Geso, Marvelous, and among others.
But what was wrong? Report has it that the failure of the first batch of 12 artists that traveled to the U.S for the 2014 edition of the LMA on their invitation did not return, with the exception of two people. However, this situation made it difficult for the U.S embassy to trust any of the other artists to return, knowing their low celebrity status.

4. Just two years after the previous Miss Liberia beauty pageant was rocked by a huge controversy, which caused government to suspend it, this time around there were no controversies, but no beauty pageant. Despite the organizer’s promise in an interview with Lib Life five months ago assuring the public that this year’s beauty pageant will be held no matter what, it remained a promise that never materialized.
What was the cause for not having a Miss Liberia this year? There has been a series of theories as to why the 2015 beauty contest did not happen. One theory has it that the reason the pageant did not materialize is that the organizer not being able to get sponsors for the event, and that government’s allotment to the event did not materialize.
On the other hand, critics said that it was owing to the fact that the organizer of this year’s event did not have the expertise and experience in hosting such a contest thus making it difficult for them to tackle simple problems.
Again it is rumored around town that because of financial constraints, which has not been properly discussed, the organizer postponed the event to January 2016.

5.All was doomed even before the Lonestar Cell Holiday Jamboree show at Barnard Beach began since KCee, Chidinma and F.A., the stars that were supposed to rock the show, were not in Liberia as planned, and the organizer failed to inform the public about it fearing that if they did the show would not be successful.

But their fears were right as the show was hit with delays, poor quality sound and lighting systems as well as one member of the audience getting so frustrated that he threw the first bottle on the stage in retaliation for the delay. It escalated the confrontation as the event turned into warfare as people were randomly hit with objects while running for safety.

Above all the dream of having a successful show failed as the concert ended in chaos.

6. While the group had a four day concert that was a big hit, which resulted in them having a car, this time around the Hip Co Fiesta on Barnard Beach was a big flop.
Instead of the technical team building the stage, running electrical wires and setting up the sound system a day before the show, they opted to do it the same day of the event, which resulted into the concert commencing five hours behind schedule.
Similar to the same issue that affected the almost failed concert, the group performed under a poor lighting and sound quality system, with the worst being that the group lip-synched and their performance did not last for more than one hour as people were leaving the beach, leading to the end of the show.

7. Another big name on the continent that suffered the same fate was Yvonne Nelson when she came to Liberia for the premiere of her movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”
With so much publicity done for the event and expectations to pull in tens of thousands to the theater, as critics in Ghana and Nigeria had given the film a positive review, it still suffered to bring in the crowd to the four hundred capacity theater at the Monrovia City Hall.
What happen then? It was reported that the high prices for tickets for the premiere was one of factors that greeted the show with such a negative turn out; some internal wrangling among the organizers was also observed by LIB Life.

8. It was a day that many thought would never come for the self proclaimed King of HipCo, Takun J, to be unable to host a mega concert for himself in a whole calendar year after many pundits assumed that this year could be another big year for the star.
Not only did the Lone Star Cell Brand Ambassador’s two new singles: “They Lie To Us” and “Justice,” that were released in the year under review, simply managed to become hits for a month and a half, they died down just like that without making any serious waves after the initial excitement and controversies.

9. It may surprise many as to why Deng, the catchy colloquia hit maker, is on this list. Since the artist rose to prominence more than a year ago and won many awards, he had no videos for all his music, a situation which critics described as a failure on his part to give his fans visual aspects of his music.


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