12-Year-Old Singer, Aspiring Brain Surgeon, Has Big Dreams


Tracey Danielle Jones debuted on the music scene at the age when little girls begin sewing clothes for their Barbie dolls and playing house – at just eight years old.

Instead, young Tracey was working hard on releasing her first album ‘Just Like You’, a great compilation of music that sub-consciously began when she was just two years old. From listening to songs being played in the car during car rides with her parents Victor Daniel Jones and Maryann Roberts Jones, to then singing along with these songs, Tracey grew her musical gift, not knowing she was turning herself into a gifted gospel artist that today is the proud owner of two albums and five awards.

A video of her version of Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You” made social media followers around the world fall in love with the voice of a little angel, who by then could sing any gospel song as beautifully as the song writers themselves.

Having been discovered, Tracey was invited to Liberia on tour in August of 2012, a first time experience for the child, who had never seen her parents’ homeland. In Liberia, she met other Liberian children of all ages, ministers and Vice President Joseph Boakai.

With her newly released album ‘Give Your Praise’ and her stunning change in appearance during her emergence at the Liberian Entertainment Awards ceremony, Tracey is the talk of the town.

You should probably know who she is:

Who is Tracey?
Tracey Danielle Jones was born in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (USA), and she is the daughter of two Liberian refugees. She has three brothers and a 19-year-old sister.

Tracey was discovered by the Liberian community when she published her version of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Look to You’, which has close to half a million views on YouTube and thousands of likes.

“Other than singing, I also want to become a brain surgeon. In order for me to become that, I need high grades, and that requires high studies,” the 12-year-old told LIB Life. “Since 2012 when I left Liberia, I’ve released my second album, ‘Give Your Praise’, and I’ve won five musical awards off the album.”

Her father tells LIB Life that she is an honor roll student, scoring all A’s in the 7th grade. As parents, he and the child’s mother are just encouraging her to do what she loves to do with her career, Tracy’s father, Victor Jones said. We [stress the importance of] her education and teach her to be a good child.”

When asked how she fits her career in with school, Tracey replied confidently, “When I come from school, I find something to eat and then I study. I usually don’t perform while school is open, and perform while school is closed, and only take piano lessons on the weekend.”

Why is everybody talking about her?
Tracey’s angelic voice has created a demand in the Liberian community, who want to hear more from her. Her 2012 Liberia tour set the record straight that what viewers heard on her ‘I Look to You’ version on YouTube was indeed bona fide.

But being the youngest Liberian gospel artist, people were buzzing about her way before her tour to Liberia. Tracy has received the most awards as a child singer than any other Liberian child singer.

“I actually love to sing and my parents don’t force me to sing but encourage me to do it. As long as I have stuff to play and have time for myself, singing is okay,” Tracey told LIB Life.

What has Tracey been up to?

“I’ve established my foundation called the Tracey Foundation to raise money to build a children’s hospital. During the Ebola crisis, I sent clothes and food through an organization in Liberia; and now I’m still raising money and selling CDs to build the hospital,” she explained.

“I would like to give encouraging words to those who want to become somebody,” the 12-year-old, ultra mature for her age, concluded her interview with LIB Life. “Young children, if someone is telling you that you can’t do something, just continue going forward because you’re going to make it.”

The young singer and philanthropist is appealing to Liberians of good will, development partners and the Liberian Government for 15 to 20 acres of land (gratis or at reasonable price) on which to build the Tracey Foundation Children’s Hospital. Donors and volunteers are welcome. The Tracey Foundation is open to partnering with churches, organizations and individuals. She has already started fundraising through concert tours and selling lemonade and chocolate bars at various Wal-Marts in North Carolina.


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