LFA to Introduce Women’s Community League Next Season

A player from a Lower Women’s division team in action at the ATS

Teams will now be relegated from the Liberia Football (LFA) Women’s Lower following the Executive Committee’s endorsement for the creation of a community league under a Sub Committee “in continuation of women’s football development for the 2021-22 season.”

LFA in 2019 introduced the Women’s Lower League that was eventually followed by the introduction of promotion and relegation to bring more competitions to women’s football.

The decision was reached by EXCO during its regular meeting held on June 30, 2021.

Addressing a news conference recently, LFA president Mustapha Raji said he is glad that EXCO has endorsed the passage of the Community League, which he said “aspires to promote players from the Community League to the Lower League while players or teams from the Lower League will also face relegation to the community Leagues.”

The FA is expected to announce the sub-committees and the number of teams that will participate in the women’s community league.

The LFA recently introduced what it describes as the “U-17 Women's Regional League”, which is being played in Lofa, Grand Gedeh and Maryland Counties. The introduction of the league is part of the FA’s continuation of its women’s football development plan that seeks to make women’s football more accessible to women and girls in the country.