LFA Elections Committee Qualifies 21 Candidates for Elective Congress

Executive Committee members of the Liberia Football Association pose for a photo after their first congress.   

LFA Elections Committee Qualifies 21 Candidates for Elective Congress

After a thorough vetting process, the Elections Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has qualified 21 candidates to contest for various positions at the 2022 Elective Congress.

Addressing a news conference over the weekend, the Chairman of the Committee, Cllr Jacob Dayrell, disclosed that the committee received 22 applications for various positions, but only 21 were qualified to contest the upcoming elections slated for April 18.

Chairman Dayrell named aspirant John T. Winn, who applied for the post of an Executive Committee Member as the only candidate that did not meet the minimum academic requirement prescribed (High School Diploma) and was therefore considered disqualified.

LFA president Mustapha Raji’s numerous endorsements, received weeks before the opening of the nomination period, paid off as he will go unopposed.

According to Chairman Dayrell, Raji was the only applicant for the president position, likewise EC Jodi Seaton for the exclusive female slot on the executive committee.

Unlike Raji, his two Vice Presidents will have contenders during the elections.  Former Presidential aspirant Rochell Woodson has decided to contest for the Vice President for Administration position against Mr. Sekou Konneh, while incumbent Vice President for operations Wilmont F. Smith will contest against Nimba United’s president Saye-Taaryor Adolphus Dolo and Bill Newray.

If a proposal submitted by Monrovia Club Breweries to amend Article 45.1 of the LFA statutes is adopted during the upcoming congress, all the candidates, excluding president Raji and Mrs. Seaton will contest for the 11 vacant Executive Committee slots, after which the president shall have the power to appoint two of the 11 elected ECs as his First and Second Vice Presidents.

Delegates at the congress will vote on proposals presented by a member club before moving on the elections in accordance with the agenda of the 26th Ordinary Congress.

Below are the names of the 21 qualified candidates disclosed by the 2022 LFA Elections Committee for the April 18 Elective Congress:

Candidate for President:

1. Mustapha Raji 

Candidates for the Vice President of Administration:

1. Sekou W. Konneh

2. Rochelle G.D. Wilson

Candidate for Vice President for Operation:

1. Wilmot F. Smith, Jr.

2. Bill Newray

3. Saye-Taaryor Adolphus Dolo

Candidate for Executive Committee

1. Edwin Kai

2. Murvee V. Gray

3.Anthony Z. Deinuka

4. Ivan G. Brown- Current EC Member

5. Pawala Janyan- Current EC Member

6. Ike M.J. Moore

7. Nyemah Nyanway- Current EC Member

8. K. Jlateh Sayor

9. Charles Boakai Massaley, Jr.

10. Kelvin Bayoh- Current EC Member

11. Henry V. Vincent

12. Quiwu Pepci Yeke- Current EC Member

13. Cyrus Yeanay- Current EC Member

14. Tickly D. Monkoney, Jr.

Candidate of Executive Committee/ Women's Football:

1. Jodie Reid-Seton- Current EC Member