LFA EC Members to be Increased from 13 to 15

Newly elected officials of LFA along with CAF and FIFA representatives after Congress

On the flip side of the Liberia Football Association's (LFA) elective congress, several proposals were also passed by congress to amend the statutes of the football association.

Congress overwhelmingly voted on Saturday to amend Article 45.1 of the statutes, giving the president the power to appoint additional two Executive Committee (EC) members.

The adopted proposal, which was submitted by Monrovia Club Breweries, also gives the President the power to propose to the EC the Vice Presidents (1st, 2nd &3rd) from the composition of EC members. The Vice Presidents may be maintained or replaced after two years. The third Vice President slot shall be reserved exclusively for female EC members.

The additional two EC members will have equal rights like the elected ECs.

The objective of the proposal is to give room for the inclusion of expertise not available within the Executive committee of the LFA as it "will further improve the operations of the Secretariat and the office of the Presidency. It is also in support of creating opportunities for women participation in higher structures of the LFA leadership."

Additionally, congress also voted to reduce the EC year end bonus ($1,000) by nine percent ($910) and omitted budget line item (End of Service Bonus) from the approved budget for fiscal year 2022.

LFA had earlier appropriated US$32,500 ($2,500  for each 13 ECs) as end of service bonus for EC members who were not re-contesting or ECs who were defeated.

Nimba FC saw the allocation as a "disservice to football."

Congress also approved a proposal to change the nomenclatures of the Vice President for Administration and Vice President for Operations to First and Second Vice Presidents, respectively.

Unfortunately, the most anticipated proposal from Breweries, seeking congress' approval for the increment of clubs in various divisions, suffered a setback after the votes in favor didn't reach 50 percent as stipulated in the revised statutes.

A total of 16 out of the 41 delegates present voted in favour of the proposal, while eight voted against with the rest refusing to participate in the voting process.

This means the number of teams in various leagues remain unchanged.

Despite the setback on the passage of the proposal by congress, the EC still has the power to increase the number of teams in various divisions.