Lawsuit Awaits Cllr. Bobby Livingstone in US$378,490 Scam Case

Cllr. Bobby W. Livingstone.

An “Unsubstantiated accusation of impropriety” allegedly made by Counselor Bobby Livingstone at Criminal Court ‘C’ against one of his senior colleagues, Counselor Jura Lynch, during the hearing of the US$378,490 criminal proceedings that involve Madam Maria Morgan Luyken, chief executive officer of the Destiny Entertainment Center, has set the basis for a lawsuit to be filed shortly against him (Livingstone).

It can be recalled that during the hearing of the case in the absence of Cllr. Lynch, Livingstone, while making a submission before Judge Ousmane Feika, alleged that Cllr. Lynch played a major role as a lawyer in the creation of what he described as a criminal enterprise named "Cycle of Life Fellowship.” 

The Cycle of Life Fellowship, according to prosecutors including Livingstone, was used as a private savings club, which co-defendant Luyken and her collaborators used to allegedly dupe several victims, including the private prosecutor, Madela Zayzay of the amount of US$378,490.

Unfortunately, during Tuesday’s hearing of Livingstone's disqualification request for Cllr Lynch, he openly informed Judge Ousmane Feika about his decision not to pursue his stance against his good friend, Cllr. Lynch. It was not clear what necessitated Livingstone’s abrupt change of mind, but when Lynch was given the opportunity to speak to Livingstone’s decision, Lynch said he was not going to take the accusation lightly.

Livingstons had earlier argued that with his personal observation of Lynch's signature on the documents, it clearly establishes that Lynch is conflicted and compromised, which by law he is in a serious ethical transgression that warrants his disqualification as a defense lawyer in the case. Cllr. Livingstone further claimed that Lynch's signatures appeared on most of the documents that led to the establishment of the Cycle of Life Fellowship.

If Livingston’s accusation against Lynch were to be proven, it could leave the Judiciary with no alternative but to revoke Lynch’s license from the practice of law. Immediately after Livingstone withdrew his application for Lynch's disqualification, Judge Feika asked his clerk to include it on court records as important evidence of the case.  Later, Feika dismissed the application.

Dramatically, after the dismissal of Livingstone's unfounded accusation, Cllr Lynch furiously displayed copy of the Daily Observer newspaper publication on Livingstone’s allegations against him (Lynch), bringing the publication to the attention of Judge Feika and the damages it has caused his reputation.

 Lynch insisted that Judge Feika should take a decision on the matter, though Livingstone had early withdrawn his application. Judge Feika in turn told Lynch, "I cannot tell you what to do, because Livingstone has withdrawn his application. So, I will not advise you on what to do. If you desire to sue Livingstone about the publication, you can go ahead. But, not for me to say it."

In this case, Feika said, Lynch has the option to seek recourse. Lynch, who appeared uncompromising during the short period of deliberation of Cllr Livingstone's complaint, said he would file a lawsuit against Livingstone. Cllr. Lynch did not explain the kind of suit he was going to file, whether criminal or civil.

“This will be the last time Livingstone has ever ruined the reputation of anyone. I am going to file a lawsuit against Livingstone for tarnishing my hard-earned reputation," said Cllr. Lynch. "This will not go free. My professional colleagues are calling me from everywhere. This is an embarrassment for me and Livingstone is going to pay for his damages to my reputation."