Lawmakers Impatient with Weah's Budget Delay

President George Weah: "We are convinced that the African Continent can build resilience policies and responses through regionalism and linkages across borders."

Speaker Bhofal Chambers and members of the House of Representatives are worried about the delay in the submission of the 2022 Fiscal Budget amid the timing in the budget’s scrutiny process, including revenue and expenditure and expertise consultation as well as debates and the deadline for reconvening which ends December 18.
In Tuesday's Special Session, which marked the 3rd day, the Speaker mandated Chief Clerk Mildred Sayon to remind President George M. Weah about the delayed budget.
From the body language of lawmakers during Tuesday's session including facial expressions and gestures, it seems the absence of the budget up to Tuesday has begun to grate on lawmakers because the President should have submitted the proposed Budget and accompanying documents to the Legislature since last week.
“Madam Chief Clerk, we have reconvened for that singular purpose, so kindly remind the Executive about the budget in the spirit of coordination,” Speaker Chamber said.
“Madam Chief Clerk, we also want to remind the executive because a communication was sent for certain Concession Agreements which need to be reviewed, among many, including the MOPP and CRC in Maryland, LAC in Grand Bassa, Firestone in Margibi, among others.”
Some of those concessions the Speaker did not name include the amendments of the Arcelormittal, LIBTELCO, and Bao-CHICO.
It may be recalled that last week, Speaker Chamber said the Legislature recalled itself from October 18 to December 18, with the singular aim to receive the 2022 Fiscal Budget in accordance to new Public Financial Management (PFM) Law, which has set the budget year from January 1 to December 31 (replacing July 1 to June 30). According to the Speaker, the President of the Republic of Liberia shall submit the proposed Budget and accompanying documents to the Legislature not later than two months before the start of the Fiscal Year, thereby requiring the Legislature to be in Session in October.
Meanwhile, it may be recalled, in referencing the alteration over the new Budget Law, the Senate proposed a bill to change the adjournment and recess periods of the Legislature to coincide with the changes of the Fiscal Year to a Calendar Year of the Government of Liberia.
But, the House of Representatives has failed to concur with the Senate's law to ascertain whether the repeal will not be a violation of the constitution.