LAC Rubber Processing Factory Ordered Reopen

A group of LAC Management, Bereaved family and Workers Union after a meeting at the Ministry of Labour in Monrovia.

----Provides US$20,000 for housing and US$1,000 to transport families that attended the burial ceremony of the late Emmanuel 

Following a series of dialogues with the management of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) and bereaved families of deceased Emmanuel Joe, the government through the Ministry of Labour has ordered the reopening of the company processing factory in Grand Bassa County.

The decision of the Ministry followed an inspection of the company's facilities by an independent team and technicians of the Ministry of Labour and the installation of modern safety electrical and monitoring devices to strengthen the safety of its factory workers.  MOL is also pleased with the signing of a memorandum of Understanding between the family of the late Emmanuel Joe who recently met his tragic death as a result of an industrial accident at the company's facilities.

In a meeting with the Management of LAC wherein families of the deceased, worker’s union, the Ministries of Agriculture and Justice participated, Labour Minister, Charles H. Gibson, expressed satisfaction over the level of cooperation shown by the management of LAC in giving access to the technical assessment team for the Labor Ministry and from the Nimba Rubber Incorporated (Cocopa) to carry out their work without interference. 

Cllr. Gibson hailed the level of social dialogue held between the management and the family of the deceased which resulted in the signing of an MOU between the two. He mandated the company to allow the salary of the deceased to run for the next three months to allow the widow to adjust herself and take care of some home activities. 

A spokesman for the family said an MOU has been concluded between the management of LAC and them. He disclosed further that the company has met the conditions set for the burial of their relative.  In response to demand by the family, Minister Gibson said that the company provided US$20,000 and US$1,000 to transport families that attended the burial ceremony of the late Emmanuel. 

He added that LAC had agreed to provide employment for three family members including the widow and to sponsor the children in school. A representative of the management of LAC lauded the Government of Liberia for its interventions in amicably resolving the situation surrounding the death of the company’s late employee.

The Management said that with the support of technicians from the Ministry of Labour and the independent inspection team, the management had put in place several measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the industrial accident. Meanwhile, Minister Gibson has scheduled a follow-up with the LAC Management and family of the deceased on Thursday, September 9, 2021, in continuation of the dialogue.