Labour Ministry Submits Child Labour Bill for Enactment

MOL Minister Gibson

The Ministry of Labour has summited a draft of the “Child Labour law and the amended Decent Work Act of 2015” to the Legislature for amendment and enactment.

The amendment to the ‘Decent Act of 2015’ will provide separation of benefits for workers who have completed 20 Consecutive years of Faithful Service and have not yet reached retirement age.

According to a release from the Ministry of Labour, the Act will ensure payment of retirement packages for certain Categories of Employees, including compensation for non-occupational disability and endowment for vulnerable workers notwithstanding NASSCORP enrolment.

It will also provide protection for the rights and interest of workers in Liberia in keeping with international labour obligation and national regulations and labour practices.

Also, the Ministry has also summited a draft of “Child Labour Law” to the Legislature for enactment. The bill, which was recently validated by the stakeholders, is geared towards protecting children from  forced Labour and is in compliance with the International Labour Organization (ILO), Convention #138 and laws.

The draft act, which is to be known as “The ACT To Establish Child Labour Law in Liberia” was on July 19, presented for legislative Consideration by Maryland County District #1 Representative P. Mike Jurry, Chairman of the Labour Committee, House of Representatives.

It can be recalled that the government ratified two ILO Conventions which had been outstanding since 1954 and 1973, including Convention #100, which calls for ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’, and Convention #138 which talks about ‘Minimum Age for admission to Work’.

The two ratified conventions were officially presented to the governing body of the International Labour Organization at the 110th International Labour Conference, held in Geneva in June of this year, and are now being deposited.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Labour, Minister Cllr. Charles H. Gibson said it is his hope that they all will continue to work together in the interest of protecting children from forced Labour in compliance with international obligations and national regulations norms and practices.