Labour Ministry Halts LEC’s 30% Salary Cut Scheme

Minister of Labour, Cllr. Charles Gibson

The Ministry of Labour has ordered the management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation to put on hold its plan to cut down staff salaries by 30%.

In a press release, the Minister of Labour, Cllr. Charles Gibson, disclosed that he has informed the management to return to the status quo and pay staff their full salaries without any cut.

Cllr. Gibson told the management to restore the 30% deduction from employee salaries with immediate effect and that they should desist from taking the employees by surprise on issues that are intended to affect their jobs and livelihoods. 

He encouraged the Management to provide adequate, advance notice to employees about such upcoming issues. 

Minister Gibson has also ordered the suspension of Jason Turner, Executive Director, General Services and Compliance, and asked that he be subjected to further investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of a local employee, Jacob Dukuly.

He said that his Ministry will consult with the Ministry of Justice and the family of the deceased to establish if there is a need to conduct an autopsy on the body of the late Jacob Dukuly. 

Minister Gibson has at the same time advised the Management of the LEC not to allow Peter U. Egbodor, Meter Consultant, whose work permit has since expired and has been renewed, on the premises of the LEC in violation of the Labour Law of Liberia. 

The Minister warned that  Peter U. Egbodor should not be seen in LEC Uniforms, cars, or premises until at such time a work permit is duly issued to him.

During the meeting, it was also established that the leadership of the workers union did not organize or authorize the illegal strike action, but that it was spontaneous, owing to the sudden death of one of their colleagues who they claimed was constantly being harassed and threatened by Turner and  Egbodor.

However, the Minister used the occasion to encourage unions in the country to always seek the interventions of the Ministry of Labour before embarking on strikes. 

Meanwhile, both the workers association and the mother union have apologized for the strike action on behalf of the workers and promised to pursue dialogue under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour on all issues between them and the LEC Management.

For their part, the Management thanked the Ministry of Labour for its swift intervention and promised to abide by all of its decisions.