Kuoh’s Football Development Spirit Will Elevate the Liberian Game

— Optimistic about FC Kallon’s survival from relegation, poised to be renamed team FC Fassell

Despite the glaring threat of relegation that hovers over FC Kallon, there is still high hope for the team to escape the drop and much need to be done with some high-level performances, empowered probably by handwork and a magical wand.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of FC Kallon, Cassell Anthony Kouh, has expressed optimism about the team’s chances of avoiding relegation in the Orange first division, which returns to action this weekend.

Kouh believes his side is good enough to stay in the top league. 

FC Kallon failed to win the last two matches and, despite recent challenges, Kouh remains confident in the team’s abilities and is focused on enhancing their performance to secure their status.

Kouh “purchased” Kallon recently for over US$30,000. 

The team, from every indication, is said to be transitioning like a butterfly — a progression comprising multiple stages.

The CEO revealed that amid being optimistic about remaining in the top flight, the team will be renamed FC Fassell after his only daughter, with dominant yellow and green kits. 

The motto remains the same, “early preparation brings good results”.

In realization of the team’s maxim (axiom), it has been startlingly disclosed that a European licensed male Cosach is expected in Liberia on 6 April to watch Kallon’s final games of the season and to seal a “conditional contract.”

Kouh stressed that the b will sign a five-year contract and his continuation will hinge on conditions which can’t be disclosed to the press.

He also revealed that besides Fassell, he is also thinking about establishing a female team to be named Fassell Angels as well as FC Fassell 2- and soon. 

He also harbors a dream to establish a kickball team.

Moreover, Kouh’s efforts extend beyond football and, as an international businessman, he has introduced electric vehicles through his New Electric Energy Vehicle (NEEV) initiative to promote sustainable mobility and address climate change. 

His dedication to both sports and environmental sustainability has garnered praise from the Liberian community.

Kouh’s dedication to football is evident in Liberia and his return to football with his developmental and indomitable spirit has garnered praise from thousands of Liberians.

Kouh’s recent acquisition reflects his commitment to revitalizing the team with new strategies and resources. 

The introduction of a European coach and plans for the establishment of additional teams, including a female football team and a kickball team, demonstrate Kouh’s vision to expand and elevate the club’s profile as well as erecting a 5,000 capacity stadium, coupled with a good salaries and benefits.

He said, “after the deal with the European coach is sealed, FC Fassell will spend at least 30 days out of the country training intensively during the pre-session. Our dream is to relive our glory, win the league and everything — change the taste of Liberian football.”

“The coach will manage FC Fassell and then he will supervise the other coaches who will be managing FC Fassell 2 and the Fassell Angels.”

Looking ahead, Fassell, under Kouh’s leadership, is prepared to embark on an intensive training program and strategic investment in the team’s development. 

Kouh envisions a bright future for the club, including potential stadium construction and further successes in Liberian football.

“Hopefully, in five or eight years, we will build the 5,000-capacity mini stadium and make Fassell second-to-none in Liberia,” Kouh says.

Moreover, the Kouh Foundation Academy is expected to depart Liberia to showcase in Italy.

“Our passion in changing Liberian football and fulfilling the dreams of Liberian youth are unbending and the seven years we were not in football didn’t change us. It just increased the passion we have and by God’s grace — all will come to pass.”


FC Fassell was one of the football teams in 2009 which in three consecutive years, rose from third to first division. 

During the 2009/2010 season, Fassell was crowned first winner and promoted to the second division.

At the end of the 2010/2011 season, Fassell finished second on the log and was promoted to the first division. 

In 2014, Fassell won the first division title and knockout championship.

Owing to technical reasons, Fassell was stripped of the title.

That same year, the CEO was elected vice president for operations of the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

Two years later, Cassell was arrested and jailed in the USA. 

In less than three years, Fassell vanished from the LFA League for lack of financial support. 

With his return after seven years, Kouh started on a clean slate and is engaged in electric vehicles using solar energy and set to take FC Fassell to another level.

The prior historical achievements of Fassell and Kouh’s ambitious plans signal a new chapter for the club, emphasizing growth, innovation, and a renewed commitment to excellence in football and beyond.