Justice Minister Designate Provides More Clarity On 'Smear Campaign To Stall Confirmation'

The Minister-designate for the Ministry of Justice, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah Sr.,

The Minister-designate for the Ministry of Justice, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah Sr., a legal luminary who practiced law for over 30 years, has provided more clarity on Spoon TV Network regarding the "smear" campaign aimed at stalling his nomination by President Joseph Nyenmah Boakai.

On February 2, the Justice Minister-designate made a phone call to the Spoon TV network, providing clarity on allegations of ethical issues, which he considered a smear campaign to tarnish his hard-earned reputation. The CEO of Spoon TV, Santon Walterspoon, among other panelists, expressed concern about several allegations of war crimes, using client money without consent, and his role as Minister of Justice "if confirmed," to prosecute people for war crimes.

Cllr. Kruah revealed to the panelists that one Edgar Sidney, whom he represented as his client, surreptitiously left for Sierra Leone to continue his business transactions, leaving his lawyers without satisfying the court judgment. He informed the panelists that this situation led the court to arrest several rubber trucks belonging to him to pay his lawyers and others he was indebted. The Justice Minister-designate also clarified that the money was disbursed through the court sheriff, not him (Cllr Kruah). He further noted that the situation led Sidney to take him to the Grievance and Ethics Committee, which investigated the matter and recommended a comprehensive report as findings to ensure that payments were properly done, which he (Cllr. Kruah) satisfied according to the Supreme Court findings. "The records are there," he stated.

During the Spoon TV network program, commonly known as Spoon Talk, Cllr. Kruah also pointed out that the allegation of him being present when the late President Doe was killed during the Liberian Civil War is false and misleading. He said these allegations are intended to stall his confirmation because he was in Italy during the heat of the war. "I fled and went to Italy while my wife was 9 months pregnant," Cllr. Kruah said. When he returned, his two houses were burned to the ground. "I have never participated in any war as a fighter, nor did I work in any of the faction governments after the war," he lamented.

However, the Justice Minister-designate said he will not relent in implementing the law if he is confirmed as Justice Minister, regardless of who is brought before him. He said at that time, he would be working for the country and would play all necessary roles as Minister of Justice to enforce the law that is on the books for Liberia.