John Tubman’s ‘Killers’ Sought Witch Doctor’s Help

Suspects Byron Anderson (left) and Aloysius Garplay.  

The Liberia National Police has disclosed that the alleged killers of John Hilary Tubman sought the help of a witch doctor to escape state security radar. 

The suspects, Byron Anderson and Aloysius Garplay, according to the police, were taken to a witch doctor by Garplay’s parents for protection against police arrest. 

“The two parents, we have come to know, took the two young people to a fetish priest so as to kill the case,” disclosed Patrick Sudue, Police Inspector General.“The parents are in our custody. If proven guilty, they will have to face the law.”

Sudue then added that the police will not tolerate anybody who has information about the death of another citizen and conceals it.

“If you are caught, you will be charged appropriately. The parents of Aloysius are in Police custody undergoing an investigation for concealing information on the death of John H. Tubman. Our investigation has gathered that they hosted both their son Aloysius and Anderson and were informed of the plan to kill,” he said.

The police IG added that Garplay, who looks very young, was incorporated in the act by Anderson, whose uncle was the later John H. Tubman. However, Sudue said “there is conflict in the age of Aloysius. He is claiming to be 16 years old but Byron who led him is telling us that Aloysius is 19. We will solve that.”

It can be recalled that following the deaths of John H. Tubman, William R. Tolbert III, two sons of former presidents of Liberia and an Immigration female officer, all found dead in their respective homes, the government announced that US$15,000 is available as a bounty for people who will provide information leading to the arrests of the suspects of the murders.

The amount, being the first of its kind under the Weah led government, is promised to be appropriated in three installments at US$5,000 each for the three different murder cases.

Mr. Tubman, son of Liberia’s longest-serving President, William V. S. Tubman, was discovered dead at his Fiamah residence. He was found lying in a pool of blood on September 22.

His lifeless body was seen face down with deep cuts to the neck, forehead and covered with a pillow.

Although several other deaths have occurred this year, involving the extraction of human parts, the police have done little to identify the perpetrators, let alone bring them to justice. Instead, the Liberia National Police denied some of the killings and labeled them as false alarms and a plot by the opposition to discredit the Weah Administration. 

“Not to make the bereaved families annoyed but Monrovia is like any other city in the world. People are killed. We never tell the motives of killings until they are done and law enforcement agencies launch investigations to determine,” he said, adding that the murders of Tubman, Tolbert, and the Elliot all occurred in their respective homes.

On Tolbert and Elliot (the Immigration officer), Sudue said close friends and some family members are undergoing investigations but no trace to the main suspects of the murder crime yet.

“In the case of Tolbert, we are talking to persons of interest, including family members. We are having leads all over the country and we are investigating those leads. We will come back to the public and update you on the outcome of the investigations,” he assured.

Sudue noted further: “We will leave no stone untouched. We will make sure those who perpetrated these heinous crimes are brought to justice. We can assure the bereaved families that these perpetrators will be brought to book. Please feel free and come to us with any information we can use to arrest whoever is linked to the killings.”

Arrested in Rivercess 

Meanwhile, the police boss has disclosed that  Anderson and Garplay were identified and arrested in Rivercess County on Monday, November 15.

“It is my pleasing honor that based upon our investigative maneuvering; our investigation led us as far as Rivercess County. Based on the swiftness and the energetic spirit our officers placed in these investigations, we are pleased to announce that we have arrested Christian Byron Anderson and Aloysius Garplay,” Sudue reported.

Sudue further noted that the two suspects have already admitted to the commission of the crime of murder, despite an ongoing investigation. In addition to the two suspects already in Police custody, Sudue declared another young man, Emmanuel Forkey wanted for his alleged link to the murder of John H. Tubman.

“He is a resident of Bernard Farm, FDA Community. FDA Community in Paynesville and he is best known in his community as Emmanuel the dancer or Dr. Love,” he said.