JFK Gets 3rd Operating Theater

The theatre at the hospital is expected to start taking their first patients in later this Month.  

-- The theatre is expected to start taking their first patients in later this month.

The John F. Kennedy Medical Center is expected to commission its third operating theater soon to clear the backlog of surgery cases, which has piled up due to limited space provided by the two that are currently working.

The development, which the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jerry Brown, described as historic, comes as his administration makes frantic efforts to equip the remaining six operating theaters that are not functional.

The theater, when commissioned, will see a huge intake of critical patients –reducing the burden on the existing two operating theaters that have been used daily to perform surgeries.

Receiving donations for the theater, Dr. Brown disclosed that the equipment will help the hospital respond to more patients’ needs unlike in the past, where some people have to wait due to space issues with the existing two theaters.

“We have been performing some surgeries, but the hospital doesn’t have enough theatres to operate several patients at a time. We have nine operating theatres but only two are functional,” he said. “Therefore, the 3rd that is in the middle, brings us great relief and happiness as it will go a long way. With many theatres, there will be little waiting time for patients in the center.”

However, Dr. Brown added that his administration has received budgetary support to have the balance of six operating theaters fixed and that is expected to happen before the end of the year.

The equipment for the third theater was made possible by the LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) India, which manages the Liberia Eye Center at the hospital. Under this initiative, LVPEI aims at developing high-quality eye care services in Liberia by means of developing infrastructure, human resources, and conducive operational systems on a sustainable basis. Additionally, developing and implementing a countrywide community eye health program for Liberia, the donation was made in commemoration of World Sight Day.

Dr. Brown noted that incoming theater will not just improve the quality of healthcare for the patients but also enable surgeons to work more efficiently, which will reduce waiting times for procedures and allow the operating rooms to be used more frequently.

In remarks, the Head of Liberia Eye Center, Dr. Niranjan K. Peher said the donation was made as part of its effort to equip JFK to adequately respond to the needs of its patients and to celebrate World Sight Day.

“JFK needs lots of things to take care of the people of Liberia and, being a part of the hospital, we are happy to receive such equipment for the good of JFK and for the good of the Liberian people,” Dr. Pehere added.

He explained that the equipment will be used for the operation of children in the ICU for the betterment of their eyes.“The project has boosted the hospital’s capacity with advanced surgical facilities. These provide the population and healthcare professionals with a technological level appropriate to what the city and the region need. The modern medical equipment will increase operational safety, reduce surgery-related pain and, consequently, recovery time,” Peher said.