Jackie Russ: An Outstanding Craftsman with the Diverse Mindset

Sheikh Mohammed

There are so many talented producers in the industry but Jackie continues to stand out. This young man is a FULL PACKAGE. You might not have heard much about his creative skills but this mastermind is nothing else but a Formidable Asset to this industry and the country at large.

He can be a Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web designer, artist, and songwriter, and a lot more, at the same time; we consider him as the “Thomas Edison” of Liberian music.

We got inspired by his artistry when we learned that Jackie grew up in the slums of Logan town; where hunger was the order of the day and violence was normality but yet he sat in his closet and acquires all of this knowledge without going to school. Isn’t he a genius? Like President George Weah, The Kwity Paye, the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) B.I.G.— Jackie story has taught us that regardless of where you start in life, you can always be better if you put your mind to develop your craft and those things you’re good at.

Although, he’s not wealthy like we would have expected him to be there is something he says that melt our hearts into love for this young man,  ”I have learned to be patient. I have also learned to understand that our destinies are different. Moreover, I have realized that not everybody would appreciate your style, or understand where you are coming from. All you need as an Individual is to be focused."

Today, we are happy to celebrate this charismatic young Icon and we pray that he continues to positively impact the industry.